'Suits': The Most Important Reason Mike and Rachel Need to Stay Together

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After two full seasons of "will they, won't they" sexual tension, broken hearts, and aborted attempts at making their relationship work, the Season 2 finale of "Suits" saw Mike and Rachel finally let down their respective guards.

The two shared an extremely passionate moment in the file room, and it seems almost certain that they will stay together in Season 3 -- especially since Mike finally admitted to Rachel that he never went to Harvard.

However, it is still possible that Mike and Rachel will break things off once Season 3 begins. After all, Rachel only knows half of the truth: Not only did Mike not attend Harvard, but he never attended any law school at all.

While there are tons of reasons that Mike and Rachel might break things off, there is one very compelling reason for the two to stay together: the fans.

It isn't just a matter of keeping the fans placated. If the show's producers have Mike and Rachel continue down the "will they, won't they" path for another season, it could irreparably damage the quality of the show.

Tons of other shows have fallen into the "will they, won't they" trap over the years. While this dynamic between two characters can be used to create tension, it only works for a few seasons at most.

As an example, "The Office" handled this dynamic quite well with Jim and Pam. The couple finally got together in the Season 3 finale. In contrast, "Bones" dragged out the tension between Booth and Brennan until the Season 6 finale: By that point, the conceit was wearing thin, and fans were just waiting for the inevitable.

The longer this game gets drawn out on "Suits," the more likely it is that fans will become bored with the Mike-Rachel dynamic. Constantly imperiling their relationship will ultimately make the pairing of Mike and Rachel seem boring -- and even a bit forced.

The way to keep fans invested in the Mike and Rachel relationship for the long term is simple: keep building trust and affection between them. Fans have had enough of the "will they, won't they." To keep viewers invested, Rachel needs to become Mike's supportive accomplice. By supporting him, she's tying her fate to his, and that doubles the drama every time that Mike is in danger of getting caught. Keep Mike and Rachel together through thick and thin, and fans will cherish "Suits" for decades to come.

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