'Suits' Season 2 finale episode ‘War’ recap, review: Harvey vs. Edward

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'Suits' season 2 finale episode ‘War’ recap, review: Harvey vs. Edward

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SUITS -- "War" Episode 216 -- Pictured: (l-r) Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter, Gina Torres as Jessica …

The "Suits" Season 2 finale episode "War" is an epic battle between two seemingly well-matched lawyers. As in every war, there are casualties. After battling and fighting off Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) and others, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) is feeling invincible. That is his one flaw. He just doesn't know how to give in to an unwanted change and believes he can get what he wants by creating a conflict that he will inevitably win. Not this time, buddy! Jessica (Gina Torres) may allow Harvey to get away with many antics, but she knows even better than Harvey how to get what she wants.

The wager

The last episode, "Normandy," involved a war against Daniel Hardman that could only be won by joining forces with Scottie's (Abigail Spencer) firm. Edward (Conleth Hill), the man at the front of the London-based firm, decided to merge with the firm formerly known as Pearson Hardman (now "Pearson," for the time being). Jessica and Edward struck the deal in private, and now Harvey is reeling.

Harvey immediately wages war against Edward. If Harvey wins, the firms don't merge. If Harvey loses (which he insists will never happen), Harvey will welcome Edward with open arms. Soon after the wager, Jessica insists that Harvey stay and earn his name on the door if he loses. He certainly won't get his name on the door if he wins.

Harvey normally seems as if he is the badass in every fight, but you can almost immediately sense that he's out of his depth this time. Edward is calm and collected in the face of Harvey's normally clever use of foul language. Edward is much more refined and has an amazing ability to insult Harvey on a deep level without being crass. What normally sounds "cool" coming out of Harvey's mouth suddenly comes off as babyish when he's up against Edward.

Louis vs. Nigel

Nigel (Adam Godley) is the London-based firm's version of Louis (Rick Hoffman). Louis is also far outmatched by the man Louis refers to as "Prince Charles" (a low-brow dig at the Nigel's large ears). Louis's attempt to "out-mud" Nigel by comparing places they have taken mud baths seems childish compared to Nigel's slightly more laid-back approach. The accent really helps to elevate Nigel, as well.

After the mud comes the efficiency list. In the "battle of lists," Nigel outwits Louis, once again. Finally comes the honesty. The two men later bond over their love of the theater and childhood stories. They finally agree to leave each other off their efficiency lists, because they make each other redundant. Except Louis lies and includes Nigel on his list, meaning that Nigel is the redundant one, according to Louis. Not a very nice way to start a new friendship.

Everything these London-based men do comes off as snotty, but refined. It is almost as if Harvey and Louis are little ants that Edward and Nigel inadvertently step on. Oops! Oh well. Time to get back to work. It's likely that Louis's childishness will come back to bite him. Nigel is the one who extended an open hand, and Louis slapped it away.

The cheaters

When Harvey's back is against the wall, he decides to break the wall by cheating. Jessica heads off the attack by cheating right back. She knows all of Harvey's tricks and what to do when Harvey feels he is about to lose. He will do anything to win, win, win. Jessica knows how to play that game. It's not even difficult. She is the one pulling all the strings. All she has to do is sit back and watch the silly men battle, then step in and pull the trigger at the end. She is the one who wants the merger, and so the merger will happen. End of story.

Rachel and Mike

Rachel (Meghan Markle) can't let go of the fact that she couldn't get into Harvard, especially after Louis lied to her and said it was all his fault. When she insists that Mike (Patrick J. Adams) help her fix the problem, Mike warns Louis to tell Rachel the truth. When he does, she still can't let go. Mike's sneaking around concerning his fake law degree only adds to Rachel's frustration. She demands answers, and Mike finally gives them to her by telling her the truth about never going to Harvard. A couple of hard slaps later, and they wind up in the throes of ecstasy in the file room. Nothing like lies and violence to make Rachel's clothes come off, apparently!

Harvey and Scottie

Harvey continues to blame Scottie for the entire war, believing she was behind it all. It stems from the fact that she had slept with Harvey while she was engaged to another man, and that is the same sort of action that had broken his own parents' marriage. He feels horrible that she turned him into the guy who caused the breaking of another man's heart. But she didn't love her fiance. Scottie finally confesses to Donna (Sarah Rafferty) that she is in love with Harvey. Donna, in turn, talks some sense into Harvey.

The aftermath

Harvey finally accepts his loss and welcomes Edward "with open arms." His final act before getting back to work is to get Scottie's job back. The one thing left out is Harvey's answer when Edward asks Harvey which of the firm's offices he'd like Scottie to work in. We'll just have to wait until next season to see whether they will be working together!

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