‘Suits’ Season 2 returns soon: Fan theories to watch out for

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USA's hit legal drama "Suits" returns from its hiatus with six new episodes on Jan. 17. The show last aired new episodes in August, meaning that fans have had months to speculate about what will happen in the second half of Season 2 and beyond. To whet your appetite for the midseason premiere, here are some choice fan theories and predictions about the future of the show.

Tess and Mike will stay together... for now

C. Charles of TV Fanatic predicts that Tess will stick around, simply to provide a love triangle between herself, Mike, and Rachel. Until Mike admits the truth about his legal credentials to Rachel, there's no way they can take their relationship forward. Plus, as someone who knows Mike's history, Tess may be in a unique position to "out" Mike's past to his colleagues.

Scotty will leave her husband/fiance and make a play for Harvey

It's been confirmed that Scotty will be back for another episode this season. Harvey won't have anything to do with her if she's married, but there have also been rumors that Harvey will get a love interest this season. If Scotty's engagement fell through, then perhaps the two could rekindle their relationship.

Louis and Donna used to date

Fans have long speculated that there was a one-night stand between Donna and Harvey, but another fan theory has Donna sleeping with another Pearson Hardman attorney. According to one theory on TV Tropes, Donna and Louis actually used to date, and that fact might be confirmed in upcoming episodes.

The evidence: In "Meet the New Boss," Donna talks about how feelings just go away after a workplace romance ends. Mike seems to think that Donna is talking about Harvey, but what if she was talking about Louis? In "Sucker Punch," Louis clearly knows some deeply personal details about Donna's romantic life and seems very interested in getting under her skin. The two do share a love of law and a love of the arts, so it's not so strange to picture them going on a few dates. And even if she didn't like Louis, it wouldn't be out of character for Donna to go on a date with him just to get under Harvey's skin.

Hardman will return

David Costabile makes a darn good villain and considering his character flat-out said he'd be back, expect Daniel Hardman to make an appearance in the next six episodes of the season.

Trevor might shoot Mike

This is another wacky, kinda out there theory from the TV Tropes community, but it could pay off big time with fans. In the flashback episode, Mike and Trevor almost run into Harvey while walking on the street. Mike tells Trevor that if Mike ever starts dressing in a suit and looking like Harvey, Trevor should just shoot him.

Some fans suggest that this flashback scene is actually setting up a future incident on the show. If Trevor ever comes back to town and shoots Mike (accidentally or intentionally), this bit of dialogue magically turns into foreshadowing.

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