'Suits' Season 3: Five Pressing Questions Fans Need Answered

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The third season of USA's beloved legal drama "Suits" is set to premiere on July 16. The second season ended strong, but some of the developments in the final two episodes brought up some pressing questions that fans want answered in Season 3. Here are five questions that "Suits" fans need to have answered ASAP.

1. How much did Mike tell Rachel?

After two seasons of "will-they-won't-they" tension, Mike finally came clean to Rachel about his educational background. Fans saw Mike admit to Rachel that he never went to Harvard (a big deal for a firm that only hires Harvard grads). However, what isn't clear is whether Mike came completely clean about his past. There's a big difference between "I never went to Harvard Law" and "I never went to law school, period."

2. Can Jessica trust the Brits?

At the end of Season 2, the Brit Edward Darby becomes a partner alongside Jessica. It's unclear whether this was a good move for the firm's future. Darby could be positioning himself for a hostile takeover at some point in the future, making him a more pressing threat to the firm than Daniel Hardman.

3. Will there be a Harvey-Scottie-Donna love triangle?

Most of the show's fan base is rooting for Donna and Harvey to get together, but it seems like Scottie is willing to fight harder than Donna. Complicating matters is the potential for Harvey's other flame, Zoe, to re-enter the picture. Will this be the season where Harvey finally gets into a committed relationship?

4. What's the deal with Katrina Bennett?

Katrina Bennett is sort of like Bob Benson on "Mad Men." Like Bob, the signs seem to be pointing out that Katrina is clearly being set up to play a pivotal role at the firm. But what exactly will that role be? Will she ultimately prove to be Mike's ally or his enemy?

5. Will Louis betray Mike?

Louis Litt is an interesting character. In the show's first season, he was Mike's primary antagonist. However, during chunks of Season 2, Louis was relegated to the position of comic relief (particularly during his romance with Sheila Sazs). Given that all fans have learned about what motivates Louis, it's unclear whether Louis could become a trusted member of Mike's inner circle or whether Louis would spill the beans about Mike's past if he learned the truth.

Louis actually has the potential to be Mike's secretkeeper, but he also is highly likely to sell Mike out (or threaten to) in order to advance his career. Then again, Louis always says he would never do anything to hurt the firm... and nothing would hurt the firm more than Mike's secret getting out.

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