'Suits' Season 3 Premiere Recap: Mike Pays the Price in the 'The Arrangement'

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The lies and disloyalty have finally caught up with Mike (Patrick J. Adams) on the "Suits" Season 3 premiere, "The Arrangement." Season 2 saw Jessica (Gina Torres) blackmailing Mike for his loyalty to her instead of Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Mike finally coming clean to Rachel (Meghan Markle) about being a fraud. Mike will have to move mountains to win back Harvey's and Rachel's trust.

Harvey is playing a bigger game

Harvey Specter is back in the game, winning big in his cases. Jessica Pearson sees it as acting out, but perhaps that is simply because she has a different perspective now that she completely lost Harvey's trust after merging with Edward Darby's (Conleth Hill) firm. The door now says "Pearson Darby" instead of "Pearson Specter," which has left a very bad taste in Harvey's mouth.

Harvey will never trust the woman who gave him his standing at the firm again, especially knowing that she never had the same level of trust and loyalty for him that he had for her. Is his relationship with Mike headed in the same direction?

Mike's conundrum

The difference between the break in loyalty between Harvey and Jessica and between Harvey and Mike is that Mike wants to win Harvey's trust back. Without Harvey's trust, he doesn't even want a place at the firm.

Mike also wants to win back Rachel's trust, but it requires many more truths to be told. Rachel suggests Mike clean his hands by quitting, which he initially decides would be the best option.

Winning back both Harvey and Rachel becomes more difficult when Jessica swoops in and gives Mike a nice big new office of his very own -- with a view. It's like a gift for stabbing everyone in the back on Jessica's behalf. He even has his nice fake law degree hanging on the wall in all its glory for good measure.

Louis helps out

Louis (Rick Hoffman) suggests that Harvey is no longer Superman. He's Batman, and he needs Robin. Too bad Harvey's "Robin" is Scottie (Abigail Spencer), at least temporarily. He doesn't need Mike after all (at least not yet). Once Scottie is gone, however, Harvey uses Mike's help, even though he doesn't trust him (yet).

Mike gives it all up

Friendships mean much more to Mike than a big office. Harvey berates him for not telling him everything that had been going on -- despite what Jessica blackmailed out of Mike with the threat of prison for practicing law without a degree. It was like the ultimate test of loyalty, which Mike failed miserably.

But Mike hears those words from Harvey's mouth -- that he should have told Harvey everything -- and realizes he can use that to at least win Rachel back. So that's exactly what he does. He tells Rachel the full story -- the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

One down, one to go. The next step is to give back the big office. He knows it won't be enough to win Harvey back, but at least it's a start. At least he's no longer being rewarded for his disloyalty.


Of course, no episode would be complete without some hilarious comedic relief, courtesy of Louis. And Louis is always at his comedic best whenever Donna is around.

Louis is upset that is favorite Uniballs are missing now that his nemesis Nigel (Adam Godley) is back to make his life miserable. Donna is initially taken aback until she realizes that a Uniball (a word that Louis repeats incessantly) is a type of pen.

The new pens are cheap and break easily, as indicated by the ink Donna notices on Louis's finger. In one of her many flashes of brilliance, Donna informs Louis that he's got ink on his upper lip. She gets him to "rub it off." The result: a Hitler mustache! To top off the look, she asks him to show her his favorite rotator-cuff exercise, which looks strikingly familiar to the stiff Nazi salute.

Unfortunately, Louis's fight for positioning to replace Nigel as quartermaster gets him exactly what Nigel wanted. Louis gets the position, but Nigel gets to work with the associates, leaving Louis completely depressed. He can't just give the position back the same day after working so hard to get it! At least, he can now have his Uniballs and raspberry bran bars.

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