Should 'Suits' Season 3 Put Harvey in a Committed Relationship?

If so, who should be his lady?

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The longer a TV show goes on, the more likely it is that the show's major characters will end up pairing off with each other. In the case of USA's "Suits," this "pairing up" tendency could make for some interesting character development for Harvey Specter in Season 3. Something of a playboy, Harvey has had a few brushes with monogamy. The longer the show goes on, the more likely it is that he will settle down with someone.

But if that's the case, who will he end up picking? Here are the frontrunners for Harvey's heart, along with compelling reasons why they should (or shouldn't) get together.


Scottie has made her feelings about Harvey very clear. She even broke up her impending nuptials to be closer to him and try to make it work. That being said, these two probably shouldn't get together: They have deeply opposing viewpoints on many issues. Plus, Donna/Harvey shippers would riot.


The last time "Suits" fans saw her, Zoe was leaving town to be with her dying brother (and take care of her niece). If she came back to town, it would be great to see these two star-crossed lovers reconnect. There are plenty of fans who want to see what Harvey would be like as a dad! However, if these two characters got together, it might be hard to have compelling storylines with them: Harvey works late, and presumably, she'd be taking care of her orphaned niece. On the other hand, it would be nice for Zoe to be around more: In real life, Jacinda Barrett and Gabriel Macht are married.


There's something electric between Donna and Harvey, and most of the show's fanbase are rooting for these two to get together. That being said, Harvey may not ever be able to trust a woman. After what his mother did to his father, Harvey may just not be able to break his bad relationship habits. If anyone can fix his heart, it's Donna, but if he breaks her heart, fans would start to hate Harvey!


Harvey and Jessica have known each other for a long time, and there have been hints of attraction between them for some time -- but there also seems to be some indications that Jessica might still think of Harvey as a student. Even if Jessica does think she's a little too good for Harvey, she should realize that no one will ever have her back as much as Harvey does. That level of trust and respect would make the basis of a solid relationship. That being said, putting these two characters in a relationship could actually lessen the tension between them, making for fewer exciting conflicts.
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