‘Suits’ Season 3 and TV’s Other Hollow, Depressing Victories

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Season 3 of USA's addictive legal drama "Suits" is well underway, and this season is all about how the characters cope in the aftermath of Season 2's nail-biting finale. Creator Aaron Korsh told TVLine that this season of "Suits" is all about "consequences."

Season 2 ended with Mike, Harvey, and Jessica saving the firm from the clutches of Daniel Hardman. But it was a hollow victory. Their success came at the price of the loyalty and trust they had built over the past two seasons. Season 3 is all about living life after a Pyrrhic victory, and exploring whether that victory was worth it.

In honor of "Suits" Season 3, here are some other prime examples of TV moments where a victory came at a high cost.

"Downton Abbey"

Season 2 of "Downton Abbey" revolved around World War I. When viewed through the lens of Downton itself, the victory over the Germans really did seem to come at too high a price. Good young men like William were killed in the prime of their life. At the same time, the government was unable to feed the veterans of the war, forcing people like Mrs. Bird to open soup kitchens to care for war vets.

"South Park"

Cartman embarked on an epic war against older kid Scott Tenorman early in the show's run. By the time the episode "201" came around, however, Cartman learned that his final defeat of Scott Tenorman was the ultimate Pyrrhic victory. To defeat Scott, Cartman killed Scott's parents. However, it turned out that Scott's dad had an affair with Cartman's mom. When Cartman killed Mr. Tenorman, he was actually killing his own dad!

"The Shield"

"The Shield" may be the ultimate example of a hollow victory. Vic Mackey gets away with all of his dubious actions, but he loses his family and his friends in the process. And to top it all off, he's stuck in a miserable job for three long years.

"Torchwood: Children of Earth"

The end of the gripping miniseries "Torchwood: Children of Earth" sees hero Captain Jack Harkness saving all the children of the world from an alien threat. But the victory feels like defeat to Jack. In order to save the world, Jack had to sacrifice the life of his own grandson. He may have won the war, but his life-saving actions filled him with shame.

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