‘Suits’ summer finale ‘High Noon’ finds Harvey high at rock bottom: recap and review

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‘Suits’ summer finale ‘High Noon’ finds Harvey high at rock bottom: recap and review

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SUITS -- "High Noon" Episode 210 -- Pictured: (l-r) Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross, Gabriel Macht as Harvey …

Warning: spoilers follow!

"Suits" never fails to impress, but the summer finale episode, "High Noon," is a new "high" for the series when Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) get high after hitting rock bottom. Thankfully, the episode doesn't leave viewers on the edge of a huge cliff (just a small hill), although getting through the episode is a nailbiter. You also probably yelled at the TV, too, when the good guys suffer loss after loss before finally winning.

The vote

The episode succeeds at getting right to the juicy part by revealing the vote for managing partner, where Jessica (Gina Torres) loses. As Hardman (David Costabile) puts it, she is a "class act" and takes it in stride. Harvey, on the other hand, doesn't take it so well. He wants to take half the firm with him to start over, but Jessica will have none of that.

Viewers may have prepared to be annoyed by having to wait for the vote until the end of the episode or even next season. Not on "Suits." Like Jessica, "Suits" is a class act, giving viewers everything they could hope for and more.

The intellectual torture

Hardman's true target is Harvey. Hardman not only moves Harvey to a small office on the 46th floor, but sics Louis (Rick Hoffman) on him, as well. Louis and Hardman both want to see Harvey suffer before they fire him. They succeed with flying colors by forcing him to take on his least favorite type of case without any help.

The disgusting smirk on Louis's face is almost too much as he demeans Harvey by asking him to get coffee for the rest of the senior partners (which now includes Louis). Louis really enjoys twisting the knife, and i t's highly entertaining.

The bottom (and high) point

Mike lost his Grammy in the previous episode, "Asterisk." He hits bottom at the very beginning of the finale by buying some marijuana and coming to work high. Harvey sends him home before hitting rock bottom himself after being demeaned by Louis. Harvey seeks out companionship at Mike's place.

Harvey spots Mike's pot and decides to light one up himself. He then reveals a whole new side of himself, reminiscent of Macht's character in the movie "Middle Men." He basically loses his mind in the most entertaining way possible. That is until he begins talking about his personal life to show Mike that he understands what it feels like to be alone. As Mike states, Harvey can get really depressing when he's high and should never talk about himself.

It is both unexpected and welcome to see so much of Harvey's personal life. He has been almost too much of an enigma, and some character development for Harvey was sorely needed. At least viewers will know where he's coming from.

The other vote

While still high, Mike and Harvey come up with the bright idea of peeing (orange Gatorade pee, specifically) in Louis's office. Harvey decides that it's not original enough, since he has already peed in Louis's office. Instead, he decides to use the "can opener," which was first mentioned in the Season 1 finale episode, "Dog Fight." It is a complete mystery that will likely never be revealed to viewers.

Meanwhile, Louis attempts to break into Harvey's computer to find more dirt. When Harvey spots him snooping, he loses it, almost punching Louis in the face until Mike stops him. Louis realizes Harvey is high, as Harvey simultaneously realizes that Hardman planted the document that caused all of their troubles in the first place.

While Louis tries to get Harvey fired with a drug test, Harvey sends Mike to find proof about the document. Although Mike is not able to get the actual proof, it is enough for the senior partners to doubt Hardman. When Hardman holds the senior partner meeting for what he believes will be the vote to fire Harvey, Harvey admits to getting high, then explains what Hardman did. Hardman is finally let go, but not before stating that it's not over.

Will Hardman return to "Suits" for another round? Find out in January on USA Network.

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