'Suits' winter premiere ‘Blind-Sided’ recap, review: Mike becomes a hypocrite

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'Suits' winter premiere ‘Blind-Sided’ recap, review: Mike becomes a hypocrite

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SUITS -- "Blind Sided" -- Pictured: Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross -- (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network), …

The "Suits" midseason winter premiere episode, "Blind-Sided," showcased why Mike (Patrick J. Adams) is very complicated character. Unfortunately, he's no longer as likeable as he used to be. Rather than his grandmother's death making him the huggable poor little Mikey, it's turned him into annoying whiney Mikey. When will he get his act together?

Mike isn't such a nice guy

Mike is already a hypocrite. He likes to lecture Harvey (Gabriel Macht) about doing the right thing but very rarely does the right thing himself. Continuing from the summer finale, "High Noon," Mike has fallen into a rut after the loss of his grandmother. He has begun sleeping with Tess, a married woman, and gone back to smoking pot. Everything Harvey worked for to help save Mike from oblivion has gone by the wayside.

Hit and run

Harvey and Mike have a new crisis on their hands when their client, Liam Carson, hits a man named Albert Chung with his car, then flees the scene. Liam assures the men that he wasn't drinking at the time, and the man came out of nowhere. His story is confirmed when Mike and Harvey find that Chung had been wearing all black and was in the process of running from the scene of his own crime, tagging a building.

Mike is eventually able to convince junior prosecutor Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) that Liam is innocent. The only problem is that Katrina knows that the judge involved can't stand Harvey, so she offers up a trade of favors. She will agree to Liam's innocence as long as Mike puts in a good word for her at Pearson Hardman. She wants to work there!

Louis and his female counterpart

Now that Louis (Rick Hoffman) is a senior partner at the firm, he has the privilege of hiring his very own associate. Who better to find him the perfect person than the "female Louis," Sheila (Rachael Harris)? After a very odd and hilarious encounter in which Sheila requests "coconut oil, a ski mask, and duct tape," she agrees to help him find the best Harvard Law graduate.

Louis's first interview with Maria Monroe (Aarti Mann) perfectly demonstrates Louis's insecurity and awkwardness when it comes to anything outside his normal job description. The look on his face when Maria puts him on the ropes within two minutes is priceless. He goes so far as to grovel to Sheila to help him land this impressive candidate.

Harvey's love interest falls through

Harvey calls up Zoe for a date, but things don't quite go as planned. Her young niece is at her house when he goes to pick her up, so he ends up spending the evening with the two of them at her home. Unfortunately, it turns out that the situation is permanent: Her brother is dying, and she'll be caring for his daughter from now on. She's an emotional wreck, but the moment shows everything fans love about Harvey; he may be a tough lawyer, but he's a softy at heart. He's genuinely broken up for his friend. When he comforts her, it's sincere.

Get Mikey, he'll screw up anything!

Chung's family knows that Albert wasn't an object of perfection. They accept that it was probably his fault that he was hit by a car. All they want is enough money to pay for the expenses of burying him: $20,000. Instead, Mike insists on giving them the full maximum amount that Harvey authorized: $100,000! This part is understandable, knowing that Mike's own parents were killed by a drunk driver. He has an emotional connection to the case.

The real problem arises after a deal is finalized and everyone gets what they want. After a night of getting high with Tess, Mike takes the final paperwork to Liam for signing. Liam stupidly confesses to the fact that he was actually high on pot while he was driving during the hit and run. He attempts to screw up the entire deal by telling Katrina the truth, thereby breaking his client's privilege.

Katrina ignores the new information and finalizes the deal anyway. What Mike doesn't know is that Harvey knew what Mike was about to do. He made a deal with Katrina by agreeing to hire her, thereby saving Mike, once again.

Harvey also saves Mike another way, when he puts an end to Louis's new hire, greatly upsetting both Louis and Sheila in the process. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) learns that Maria was supposed to be in Mike's class at Harvard and would be able to out him as a fake. Mike is in a tailspin and seems to have no idea how much Harvey has put his neck out for him. Let's just hope he gets his act together soon!

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