Summer 2012 TV Preview: Food Reality TV Shows

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Just because most TV series have had their season finales doesn't mean there isn't anything to watch on TV during the summer. The summer is when several cooking reality TV shows air. Fans of reality TV and food get the best of both with these cooking reality TV shows.

'Food Network Star' - Sundays, 9pm/8c on Food Network

"Food Network Star" already began airing a few weeks ago. Sunday, June 3, is the fourth episode, but that doesn't mean viewers can't catch up. The show pits chefs from around the country against each other to become the newest star for the channel. Not only must the contestants know how to cook, but they must also have a show idea, and learn how to work the camera.

'Hell's Kitchen' - Mondays, 8pm/7c on Fox Starting June 4, 2012

Gordon Ramsey is the reason why "Hell's Kitchen" is an entertaining reality TV show. He is so mean to the contestants, but for a reason. The contestants are fighting for the chance to run a top-tier restaurant, and Ramsey isn't going to endorse someone he doesn't think is good enough. It's his name on the line. The contestants learn how to work in a fast-paced, high-quality restaurant by preparing food for diners in a real restaurant. Ramsey will swear, kick people out of the kitchen, and throw things. It's fun to watch.

'MasterChef' - Mondays, 9pm/8c on Fox Starting June 4, 2012

"MasterChef" also has Gordon Ramsey, but he manages to swear a lot less than in "Hell's Kitchen." Ramsey, and two other celebrity chefs, judge amateur cooks. The cooks are everyday people, some who only cook for fun at home. Each week, they face new tests and the judges eliminate a contestant or two. While the judges are nicer, they aren't afraid to spit terrible food into the garbage. "MasterChef" focuses on contestant's personalities and back-story to make the show more interesting.

'Top Chef Masters' - Wednesdays, 10pm/9c on Bravo Starting July 25, 2012

"Top Chef Masters" takes Bravo's hit reality show "Top Chef" to a new level. The chefs are award winners and world-renowned. They know they're good and aren't afraid to say it. What happens when chefs who claim they are the best compete against each other? Tons of fighting, egos roaring, and some extreme competition. They must prove their boasting is true by winning. The winners throughout the show earn money for charities of their choice.

'Great Food Truck Race' - Sundays, 10pm/9c on Food Network Starting August 19, 2012

Most cooking reality TV shows involves chefs in a kitchen. "The Great Food Truck Race" takes the competition out of the kitchen and into a truck. Competitors own their own food trucks. They travel the country and try to sell more food than the other food trucks. Along the way, the show makes things more difficult with challenges that require the teams to fulfill certain tasks or use specific foods in their meals.

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