'Supernatural' Fans Need a Bobby Fix to Fill the Void

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"Supernatural" finally killed Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver), the last of the loveable old fogey hunters. In "Death's Door," he chose between entering the unknown afterlife and returning as a ghost, but his final decision is still a mystery.

Perhaps he is peacefully relishing the afterlife, planning a double date with fellow fallen hunter Rufus (Steven Williams). However, Dean's disappearing beer in "Adventures in Babysitting" could mean Bobby's spirit is neigh, returning as a surrogate "Ghost Dad." With the Winchester brothers' drinking problem, the missing beer does not need a supernatural explanation. Either way, Bobby is gone for now, leaving Sam, Dean and viewers missing the plaid-clad father figure.

Sentimental "Supernatural" fans can get a generous dose of Jim Beaver on-screen, in print and online.

Classic Beaver TV

With his extensive acting resumé, Beaver appears in a variety of TV shows from "Crossing Jordan" to "Father Dowling Mysteries" to "X Files." Startrek.com features a free edition of the "Enterprise" pilot with a well-groomed Beaver serving as Admiral Daniel Leonard.

Beaver often plays law enforcement or military roles and is perfect as a cowboy or sheriff. As Sheriff Williams in an episode of "Criminal Minds," his handlebar mustache is long enough to need its own stylist.

The "Supernatural" Sheriff Mills (Kim Rhodes) is a cute, unexpected love interest for a lonely Bobby, but he first played Sheriff Mills in the 2009 murder mystery series, "Harper's Island," where an island full of wedding guests met their demise one by one.

Literary Beaver

A talented playwright and published author, his literary works include a memoir, "Life's That Way," chronicling his late wife's battle with lung cancer and his life after her death. Reviewers, including Beaver's doppelganger, Gerald McRaney, praise the book's raw emotion and heartfelt message of hope.

Social Media Beaver

He is on Facebook, where he and his 10-year-old daughter, Maddie, sometimes review movies they recently watched. Tweeting as @jumblejim, he is very active on Twitter, sharing Beaverly musings and dropping bits of fan food, like photos of his family Christmas celebration. Maddie, a growing Twitter addict, has her own parentally controlled Twitter account, @Madbeaver10.

Beaver is reprising his plaid-free role as Shelby in multiple episodes of Season 3 "Justified." Is that a sign he will not return as Bobby? "Supernatural" viewers know the show's dead do not always stay that way. Perhaps, like the beloved Jo and Ellen, Bobby will occasionally make a poignant return.

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