'Supernatural' Season 9 Teases Return of Beloved Character: 3 Other Characters That Should Return

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Thanks to Comic-Con and social media, "Supernatural" Season 9 spoilers continue to tempt fans eager for the premiere on Oct. 8. The most intriguing and enigmatic spoiler came from Jim Beaver, who teased his return on Twitter with #Bobbysback, but assured fans it would happen in an unexpected way.

It may seem like Bobby Singer has a magical revolving door, but poignant performances and intense plots make his repeated arrivals and departures feel organic and integral to the show. Here is a quick refresher of some of his greatest hits: He died after lingering in a coma and struggling with painful memories; returned as Ghost Bobby with an increasingly uncontrollable sense of vengeance; faded away after Sam and Dean burned his flask; and he appeared in Hell's torture chamber before finally becoming a beam of light headed into the ether.

If the show's track record is any indication, Season 9 Bobby sounds promising, but there are many other unforgettable characters that should also make a comeback when the opportunity arises. This wish list excludes Benny Lafitte, Jo, Ellen, and Meg because their chapters already ended with such a powerful sense of finality.


Despite his magnificent mullet and blasé demeanor, Ash was a super genius booted from M.I.T. for fighting. He died during the explosion at Harvelle's Roadhouse, but returned as an ethereal luchador in Season 5. He used his knowledge of string theory to navigate between various versions of Heaven and help the Winchesters. His super skills and ability to speak Enochian make him a natural addition to Season 9. Will Ash return and impart some Heavenly intel to help the guys conquer Metatron?

Detective Diana Ballard

During Season 2, Linda Blair made a memorable guest appearance as Detective Ballard. Aside from a subtle line about pea soup, the show avoided playing up her "Exorcist" past. She emerged as a strong character who reluctantly accepted the Winchesters' supernatural world after her own encounter with a ghostly apparition. Is Detective Ballard quietly helping Sam and Dean avoid arrest?

Jacob Pond

In "The Girl Next Door," Dean made a powerful and unilateral decision to kill Kitsune Amy, prompting her young son, Jacob, to vow revenge. A quick glimpse of Jacob would lay the groundwork for a future face off. Is he indulging his dark side as a Kitsune and plotting against Dean? Did he and other orphaned villains form a team like Krissy's group of teen slayers?

Which characters do you want to see return during Season 9? 

"Supernatural" returns Tuesday, 10/8 at 9 PM on The CW.

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