'Supernatural' Showdown: Do the Trials Pose Any Real Danger?

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Dean and Sam's mission to close the gates of Hell is a perilous endeavor, but the hunters don't have much to lose. Their repeated triumphs over big baddies and certain doom make it difficult to fear any permanent consequences for the "Supernatural" stars. While they are busy rocking nerd glasses and sneaking around Purgatory, their shrinking circle of friends and allies are in danger. Although the heart-wrenching deaths of beloved characters like Bobby and Jo hardened viewers, there are a few major targets remaining. Ranked by importance, here are the top five potential casualties of the current quest.

1. Castiel

With Meg and Benny out of the picture, Castiel is the biggest target. His signature humor, heroism, and bond with Dean earned him a special place on the show, but his repeated betrayals and confusion remind viewers of his unearthly status. Although he seems destined for redemption, he could make a sacrificial last stand instead.

2. Garth and company

Since Sam and Dean's buddies tend to lose their lives or their minds, the substitute sidekicks are likely targets. Losing a quirky comrade like Garth or Charlie would be tragic, but the current crop of Winchester allies is too fresh to warrant as much reverence as longtime fixtures, such as Bobby or Meg.

3. Riot

Remember Riot? He is the four-legged friend who wandered in front of Sam's car at just the right moment. He was a big part of the Amelia flashbacks and Sam even mentioned him to Meg. His days may be numbered if Crowley decides to avenge his hound's death.

4. Amelia

Sam's relationship with Amelia is still a bit of a mystery. Was it a quagmire created by shifting showrunners? Will it gain greater significance or clarification in future episodes? At this point, Amelia matters because she briefly showed Sam a version of happiness, security, and normalcy he expected to enjoy before the family business ruled his life. Although viewers may not feel a strong emotional connection to the undeveloped unicorn, seeing her through Sam's eyes can boost her importance.

5. Kevin

The loss of his love, innocence, and sanity turned this upward bound student into a downtrodden creature on the brink of a breakdown. It is hard to root for this lone, pitiful person because he is an empty shell. The supposed death of his mother severed the last remaining tie to his pre-prophet existence. Unless Tiger Mom is alive and well, any outcome will be a welcome end to his misery.

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