Surprise! That guy’s actually a girl: TV characters with surprising gender reveals

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It's a classic TV show staple: A seemingly male character is introduced, then is later revealed to be a woman. These surprise gender reveals can shock or amuse audiences, and always make for fun water-cooler conversation the next morning. Here is a list of some notable female TV characters who were once assumed to be male.

Mr. Yang, "Psych"

The most feared serial killer in the world of "Psych" was the dreaded Mr. Yang. Yang would draw out his victims in a deranged game of cat-and-mouse, only to kill them in the end. But as Shawn was able to uncover, Mr. Yang wasn't a mister at all: Yang was a middle-aged woman, played by Ally Sheedy. Her partner in crime, Mr. Yin, was her own father: Professor Karl Rotmensen.

Vala, "Stargate SG-1"

In her first appearance, Vala is wearing a very masculine style of armor with a built-in voice changer. When she attacks Daniel, she starts flirting with him a bit. Needless to say, Daniel is relieved when Vala's face is revealed, and he sees it's a woman who has been making passes at him.

Funny enough, this isn't the first time that the actress who played Vala had done something like this. In the TV series "Farscape," she played Aeryn Sun. In Aeryn's first appearance, she is wearing a bulky, armored spacesuit with a tinted helmet. Until she takes off the helmet, you would assume she was a man.

Albie, "Bones"

In the episode "Fire in the Ice," Booth is looking for leads in a murder investigation in which he is the prime suspect. One lead sends him on the hunt for a guy named "Albie," who runs a poker game. But surprise, surprise: Albie is a gal, not a guy. Savvy TV fans will note that Albie was played by Bianca Lawson, who had previously appeared as Kendra alongside "Bones" actor David Boreanaz in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

H.G. Wells, "Warehouse 13"

In real life, H.G. Wells was a male writer, famous for novels like "The Time Machine" and "The Invisible Man." So when "Warehouse 13" started dropping hints that Wells would make an appearance, fans expected Wells to be male. Surprise! When H.G. showed up in this sci-fi series, she was a mentally unhinged lady named Helena. She quickly became a fan favorite, and rumors persist about the possibility of a spin-off series for the character.
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