The Surprising Link Between 'Breaking Bad' and 'Seinfeld'

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"Breaking Bad" and "Seinfeld" couldn't be more different. One is a show about nothing, and the other is a tense, gritty drama about the meth trade. But surprisingly, there is a lot of overlap between the two shows, not in terms of themes, but in terms of actors. Over the course of "Breaking Bad," five "Seinfeld" alumni have joined the cast of the show. From leads to comic relief to minor characters, here are five important actors on "Breaking Bad" who also appeared on "Seinfeld."

Bryan Cranston

The star of the show, Cranston has won multiple awards for his incredible work as Walter White. But long before he played a cancer patient who cooks meth, Cranston played a far less sinister character on "Seinfeld." From 1994 to 1997, Cranston had a recurring role as dentist Tim Whatley. His most memorable moment was in the episode "The Labelmaker," where Whatley regifts a labelmaker that Elaine gave him, pawning it off on Jerry. If you've ever used the term regifting, which the show popularized, you can thank Walter White.

Anna Gunn

Before she played Walter's wife, Sklyer, Anna Gunn also had a turn on "Seinfeld." She was featured in the episode "The Glasses," where she played Amy, Jerry's girlfriend. In the episode, George thinks he sees her kissing Jerry's cousin Jeffrey (but George isn't wearing his glasses at the time.) While she only stuck around for one episode, it's funny to think about this minor "Seinfeld" character turning into a conniving money launderer.

Bob Odenkirk

"Breaking Bad" can be an incredibly bleak show, which is why so many fans of the show rave about Bob Odenkirk's comedic turn as corrupt lawyer Saul Goodman. But before he played everyone's favorite sleazeball, Odenkirk did a single episode of "Seinfeld." Playing a character called Ben in the episode "The Abstinence," he was Elaine's boyfriend in an episode where Elaine had given up sex.

Nigel Gibbs

While his name may not be as instantly recognizable as the stars above, Gibbs also had a role on "Seinfeld" way back in the day. On "Breaking Bad," he has played APD Detective Tim Roberts in four episodes. On "Seinfeld," his role was quite minor: he played "Tenant #2" in the episode "The Doorman," the episode where Elaine housesits for Mr. Pitt and Jerry offends the doorman.

Jessica Hecht

It's been a while since we've seen her on "Breaking Bad," but Hecht played Walt's ex-flame Gretchen, who now co-owns Gray Matter. But long before she and Walt cut ties, Hecht was on "Seinfeld." In fact, they liked her so much that she played two roles on the show. In "The Gymnast," she plays Lindsay Enright, one of George's exes. In the episode "The Couch," she plays a different character, who is a woman in George's book club.

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