Survivors on 'The Walking Dead' Should Receive Same Prison Benefits as Comic Counterparts?

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Ever since the Season 2 finale of "The Walking Dead," debates have raged about the benefits the survivors should gain in the prison in Season 3. Having witnessed recent conversations at comic book shows and inside comic book stores, it seems that many fans believe that the group gained too many benefits in the comic once they arrived at the prison. The characters should gain the same benefits and advantages as they did in the comic, as the benefits and the loss of benefits were symbolic.

Benefits of the Prison

In the comic book version of "The Walking Dead," Rick Grimes and the crew found a fortified area in the prison that kept the walkers out. They also found enough food to last them a few months, a gas generator, countless books to read, and movies to watch. They discovered weapons, ammunition, riot gear, and tools. At the same time, the inmates who had barricaded themselves joined the survivors and strengthened the group through their numbers.

Symbolism of Benefits

The prison gave the survivors what they needed and what they wanted. They needed protection, weapons, ammunition, and food. Even when they began to run out of food, Hershel was able to teach the other survivors how to raise crops in the fertile soil around the prison. Since they have been separated from society for so long, the books and movies (able to be seen due to the electricity from the generator) gave them entertainment for the first time in months. The new characters gave someone else to share stories with. The prison was the closest thing the character could come to a utopia.

Symbolism of Loss

Even though the fencing and walls were able to keep the walkers out, they were not strong enough to keep out The Governor and the survivors of Woodbury. The Governor was looking for the same things as our favorite group of survivors, and was able to overtake the prison due to the number and firepower of his followers. The loss of utopia reminded the survivors and readers of "The Walking Dead" that there is no such thing as a truly safe or unending location in a world that has collapsed.

The Show

It would be fitting to have the characters on the show gain the same benefits as their comic book counterparts. To this point, they have had to leave every location they have stumbled upon. The loss of what they had will push the same lessons on the show as they do in the comic. It would also be nice for viewers to share in the joy of the survivors, even if only for a short period of time.

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