Susan Sarandon on ‘The View’: Love, dogs, ping pong and ‘Arbitrage’

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Susan Sarandon on ‘The View’: Love, dogs, ping pong and ‘Arbitrage’

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Susan Sarandon.

Susan Sarandon is the bee's knees! What's not to like? She's an Academy Award-winning actress, political activist, and pet-lover.

She sat down with the ladies of "The View" on Sept. 13 to discuss her myriad of exciting projects. With her two lively dogs in tow, Susan was fun and chatty. In a 2009 appearance on the talk show, Susan seemed to drop the f-bomb. This time she managed to make it through the program without cursing or any other incident.

Sarandon was mainly there to promote "Arbitrage," her new film with Richard Gere. "Arbitrage" is a thriller about a powerful hedge fund magnate in over his head. Gere plays the ruthless billionaire, and Susan plays his better half. "I'm the wife... again," she told the co-hosts with a bit of jokey bitterness. Of course, the two seasoned actors aren't strangers. The duo played man and wife in the charming film "Shall We Dance." In that movie, Richard's character was enamored with Jennifer Lopez's character, but he opted for happiness with his wife.

Susan may play "the wife" on screen, but in real life, she's the Queen Bee. Movie-lovers everywhere heaved a sad sigh when her relationship with actor Tim Robbins came to an end. Susan talked of moving on and healing. Tim and Susan split after being a Hollywood power couple for 23 years.

Susan's current squeeze is a young and cute boy toy. Joy Behar was practically giddy when his photo came up on the screen. Jonathan Bricklin is 34 years old, and Sarandon is 65. Much is being made of their May-December romance, but Susan is only doing what the boys have done for years. Why wouldn't a vibrant woman get her groove back with a hot, younger man?

Who is Susan's boyfriend, Jonathan? Who cares! Okay, to be fair, he's a man on a mission to turn New Yorkers in to ping pong aficionados. Sarandon is the co-owner with Bricklin and pals of SPiN, a Ping-Pong club in New York City.

We don't know about her ping pong game, but Susan is absolutely a champion in the game of life. Deep into her 60s, she remains a force to be reckoned with and appears to be just getting started. Of her career longevity, she recently told Parade Magazine, "I have no idea how I've managed to last this long! I consider myself very lucky. Most of the people I started out with didn't make it through to leading women, and then I took off years at a time each time I had a kid. I'm just grateful and completely amazed that I'm still having fun and that I survived as long in a business that is not particularly generous to women."

Cheers to you, Sue.

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