Should 'Talking Dead' Immediately Follow 'The Walking Dead'?

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AMC had a great idea when the network executives decided to create the "Talking Dead" to hold discussions about "The Walking Dead." The talk show, though, airs an hour after the end of the current episode of the zombie smash. Should AMC change the schedule to place the talk show directly after the post-apocalyptic hit?

Benefits of Current Scheduling Format

By having a gap between the two shows, AMC is allowed to keep at least some viewers onboard for whatever show is currently sandwiched between the two. "Hell on Wheels" and "Comic Book Men" were both able to benefit by their placement in the hour between the two zombie-related shows. Since the new episodes of "The Walking Dead" are often rerun immediately after "Talking Dead," people can watch the episode again for any aspect brought up during the talk show that might have been overlooked or missed.

Different Scheduling Rotation

If "Talking Dead" were to air immediately following "The Walking Dead," chances are good that it would significantly increase the viewership for the second show. The problem the network would face is that a drastic loss in viewership could happen for whichever show was placed after the talk show. The network would not be able to "share the wealth" between multiple properties on the network.

Timing Suggestion

Instead of being a half-hour show, "Talking Dead" should be increased to an hour for multiple reasons. The schedule for the network will stay in hour-long increments. As a business consultant, I have learned over the years that advertisers prefer hour-long shows over shorter shows due to the extra amount of allotted advertising time. Comedies are usually the only types of half-hour shows geared toward advertisers since viewership is traditionally higher when compared to other types of shorter shows. Also, the speakers on the panel often act as if they are being rushed through what they are supposed to say, and this issue could be resolved by giving extra time.

By keeping "Talking Dead" in the current position, AMC is able to launch news shows that might be of interest to the fans of "The Walking Dead." At the same time, the talk show is a great lead-in for the network to keep viewers for the rerunning of the hit zombie show. If any change is made, it should be to make the talk show longer, appealing more to advertisers and to give ample time for the discussions.

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