'Teen Wolf' Episode 'Alpha Pact' Recap: Everyone Sacrifices but the Bad Guys

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Jennifer Blake (Haley Webb) is one step closer to sacrificing Stiles's (Dylan O'Brien) and Scott's (Tyler Posey) parents (Linden Ashby and Melissa Ponzio, respectively) on this week's "Teen Wolf" episode "Alpha Pact." Now that Scott is off with Deucalion (Gideon Emery), Stiles is left all alone to figure out how to get everyone back.

Derek only cares about his sister

Stiles repeatedly slaps and nearly punches Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) to wake him after Jennifer had knocked him out. But he's no help. He just wants to help his dying, black blood-coughing sister Cora (Adelaide Kane). This angers Isaac (Daniel Sharman), who storms out.

Peter (Ian Bohen) suggests that Isaac's allegiance is shifting from one alpha to another -- as in, Isaac will probably join with Scott once Scott becomes a True Alpha. Peter also suggests a cure: for Derek to sacrifice his alpha powers to heal Cora.

It's amazing how Derek still trusts his conniving uncle enough to believe that giving up his powers is all to save Cora. By the look on Peter's face as Derek's eyes transform from red back to blue during the healing process, Derek's transformation also benefits Peter.

Chris Argent makes a true sacrifice

Chris Argent (JR Bourne) searches for Jennifer with his daughter Allison and Isaac in tow. But once he finds her, he disables Isaac with an electrical current and handcuffs his daughter to a metal rod. He intends to be Jennifer's third guardian-sacrifice victim!

Well, not exactly. He tries to escape once he's tied up along with Stiles's and Scott's parents in the nemeton root cellar, but with no luck. At least he gets the chance to catch up with the other parents and share stories of the supernatural with them as they wait to either die or be rescued by their children.

The teens must also make a sacrifice

Nobody knows where the nemeton is. Deucalion and his alpha pack don't know, and Derek and Peter don't remember because their mother stole the memory after all the horrible things that happened to them there.

But emissary Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) knows what has to be done: The children of the parents about to be sacrificed must sacrifice themselves in order to take their parents' place and give power to the nemeton. So, the kids have to die for the parents, but only for a few seconds -- hopefully. That sounds very responsible of the good doctor.

Of course, the teens are all too happy to make the sacrifice, stepping into baths full of ice as ordered by Deaton. Each teen must have something of their parents: Stiles has his father's crushed badge, which he hammered out flat; Allison has a silver bullet her father made; Scott has a watch his dad gave to his mother, which was the only thing that ever worked in their marriage.

In addition, each teen must have an "emotional tether" -- one who will hold them under the icy water and pull them back out, then bring them back to life. For Allison, that tether has changed from Scott to Isaac. After Stiles had a full-blown panic attack earlier in the episode -- once he realized Jennifer had all the pieces necessary to sacrifice his father -- his tether became clear after Lydia (Holland Roden) kissed him to calm him down. Scott's tether is Dr. Deaton himself.

Stiles has one last thing to say to Scott in case Scott survives but Stiles doesn't: Scott's dad is in town. Soon after, the teens are lowered to their (hopefully) short-lived deaths.

The recap of the recap

So, let's recap the recap: Chris has sacrificed his freedom in an attempt to save the other parents; the children of those parents are in the process of sacrificing their own lives to save their parents. Derek has sacrificed his alpha powers in order to save his sister. All the bad guys who are fighting against each other (Jennifer and the alpha pack) have not had to sacrifice anything. Peter has not had to sacrifice anything either.

So when will the bad guys have to start sacrificing? Who will win? Both sides are bad news, so the only way to have a peaceful conclusion is if both Jennifer and the alpha pack lose. But we all know that Beacon Hills very rarely has any peace. 

"Teen Wolf" airs Mondays at 10 PM on MTV.

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