'Teen Wolf' Episode 'Chaos Rising' Recap: The Search for Erica and Boyd

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'Teen Wolf' Episode 'Chaos Rising' Recap: The Search for Erica and Boyd

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Scott (Tyler Posey) Season Three.

"Teen Wolf" got back on track this week with the episode "Chaos Rising." Where the season premiere contained inexplicable choices -- such as Scott having a dumb tattoo torched onto his skin while his friend was dying nearby -- this episode flowed much more smoothly and made more sense, speeding to another cliffhanger ending.

Stiles is ready and willing

Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) convinces Scott (Tyler Posey) to go to a friend's birthday party with him. Stiles has been besties with Heather, the birthday girl, since they were 3 years old. Her birthday party, however, becomes all new territory for him when she begins making out with him the moment he walks through the door. She tells a friend that she wants to lose her virginity for her 17th birthday gift to herself, and she plans to make Stiles the lucky recipient.

Heather pulls Stiles into the wine cellar in her basement. He's sweating profusely and shaking, since this is also his first time. The only problem is that they don't have protection because it is, of course, on the furthest other side of the house in her brother's upstairs bathroom.

Stiles won't let a little jog up the stairs dampen his mood -- until he arrives back in the basement to find that Heather is missing. What he doesn't realize is that she had an intense hallucination involving wine bottles throwing themselves on the floor, cutting her feet, until she was pulled quickly out of a small window, horror-movie style. All that is left is one of her shoes.

The pack searches for Erica and Boyd

Stiles and Scott believe Heather may have been kidnapped by werewolves to be recruited as a new member, but they've got bigger problems: Erica (Gage Golightly) and Boyd (Sinqua Walls) are still missing, and only Isaac (Daniel Sharman) has clues as to where they are hidden in the deepest recesses of his memory.

The team enlists Derek's "psychotic uncle" Peter, whom nobody trusts and everyone hates, to pull out Isaac's memories by digging his claws into the base of Isaac's head. It doesn't work, but at least Isaac doesn't become paralyzed, which was one of the possible outcomes of the invasive procedure. Isaac really goes through a lot of abuse in this episode.

The next step is for Isaac to go under werewolf hypnosis by allowing himself to be held under ice water until he's close to death. Thankfully, this yields a location: a bank vault. Unfortunately, he also remembers that Erica is dead, and Boyd is with a stranger.

Derek and Scott try to save Boyd

Allison (Crystal Reed) and Lydia (Holland Roden) find the bank on their own, using the bruise tattoo left on their arms by the mysterious nameless woman in the previous episode. Meanwhile, Stiles and Peter realize that the vault is a trap to kill Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Scott, but Derek and Scott make it inside before Stiles is able to call in a warning.

Inside the vault, Boyd and Derek's little sister, Cora (Adelaide Kane) -- whom Derek believed to be dead -- have been trapped in a room with no sunlight for three full moons worth of pent-up vicious rage. And Derek just punched a hole through the wall, letting in light. The room is sealed with supernatural Mountain Ash, which prevents werewolves from leaving.

The angry beasts, who used to be friends and family, begin attacking Derek and Scott. Derek, as an alpha, is better equipped to handle them, but Scott appears to be a goner when Boyd sinks his claws into Scott's gut.

Allison had decided to break in through the front door by herself and finds the vault the easy way after hearing all the commotion. She wipes away the barrier to allow the werewolves to escape, against Derek's wishes. She may have saved the lives of four werewolves, but she has put everyone else in danger by allowing the ferocious Boyd and Cora to go free.

When will Allison learn the truth?

Allison still has the urge to separate Derek's head from his body, believing he was responsible for turning her mother, forcing her mother to commit suicide as her family code states. That is only part of the truth, and Derek now insists that Scott tell her the rest of the story.

Lydia wants an evil twin

Lydia has been itching to sleep with as many men as possible, and her new goal is to have one of the new twins in town (played by Charlie and Max Carver). It's too bad she doesn't realize that they're part of the alpha pack. At the end of the episode, she wakes up screaming uncontrollably. I t looks as though her infatuation is going to go very wrong.


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