'Teen Wolf' Episode 'Currents' Recap: Not One, but Two Game Changers!

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This week's "Teen Wolf" episode, "Currents," was packed with a major revelation, a major death, and a new set of sacrifices that are different from the ones before. Everything is up in the air by the end of the episode, leaving fans dying to know how it will all play out.

Strange new sacrifices

Scott's mom Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) is overworked and understaffed at the hospital when two of the doctors go missing, and there's a major pileup on the freeway. The pileup is courtesy of sacrifice butterflies (similar to sacrifice roaches) that fly in through the vents of the car and whisk their victims away.

One of the targets of the butterflies is Danny, but luckily, Ethan brings him in alive and kicking -- he's just not breathing. Melissa saves him with the help of Ethan and her son, but they note from his vomit that he has sacrifice mistletoe in his system.

Isaac (Daniel Sharman) and Scott (Tyler Posey) spend the night in Melissa's room to watch over her, although she notes that they wouldn't have been much help since they both fell asleep. They are worried that the new set of sacrifices involve healers, such as Melissa.

Melissa, however, was not the one Scott needed to worry about. Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) calls with an alarming message: He is about to be taken by the sacrifice butterflies, and Scott will have to find his location before he dies!

These sacrifices are different

This time, the victims are not being killed with the three-fold sacrifice pattern of previous victims. The healers are being strung up by their wrists and left to hang until they can no longer find the strength to pull themselves up. Once that happens, they can no longer breath, and they die within minutes.

Scott and his friends take different routes to come to the same conclusion. Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) tries to force Lydia (Holland Roden) into using psychic mumbo-jumbo to come up with an answer, while Scott is lured into a room by Deucalion (Gideon Emery). And the answer is... talk to Danny.

Danny can't really speak, but Stiles rifles through his things to find the research he was doing on mysterious currents that run through the town. Stiles humorously tries to convince Danny that he's dreaming, but he's not convinced. Stiles may have some explaining to do!

Scott does his own research with Allison (Crystal Reed) to find out that her dad was doing the same research. Scott has his own humorous encounter with Allison in the closet while trying to hide from her dad. Their closeness arouses him, and when she turns around to face away from him, that only serves to make it worse! They really need to get back together before Scott pops a blood vessel.

Once again, Stiles and Scott come to the same conclusion about the currents, but Chris Argent's research added that there will be six more sacrifices, and he knows their locations. The boys finally conclude that the next location will be at the vault where Boyd (Sinqua Walls) and Cora (Adelaide Kane) were held.

Who dies?

So Deaton and Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) are both in danger. Derek is in danger of losing his life to Kali (Felisha Terrell), who promised to avenge Ennis's (Brian Patrick Wade) death. Of course, Deucalion is the one who actually murdered Ennis, but why mess with details?

Derek, Isaac, and Boyd come up with an elaborate plan to electrocute Kali on entering Derek's home, making her unable to change into a werewolf. That plan falls flat when she cuts the power and takes Ms. Blake hostage. Derek must fight the much more powerful Kali by himself if he wants to save his new human girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Scott finds Deaton strung up by his wrists in the vault with only minutes to live. The only problem is that Deaton is encircled by Mountain Ash, impenetrable by werewolves. Scott tries his hardest anyway, his eyes flashing to red for a moment as he strains. It doesn't work, but Stiles's dad shows up at the last moment (after following vials with the vault's logo at the clinic) to "give it a shot" and shoot the ropes holding up Dr. Deaton.

Back at Derek's, Derek is losing miserably until Cora, Lydia, and Stiles show up to turn the power back on. The jolt of electricity holds Kali and Derek in werewolf form long enough for Kali to force Derek to do what the alpha pack wants much more than Derek's death: for him to kill one of his own. As the twins (played by Charlie and Max Carver) hold Derek down and outstretch his arms, Kali lifts Boyd and drives his torso down onto Derek's open claws.

Kali gives Derek until the next full moon to kill the rest of his pack, which will gain him entry into the alpha pack. First, he has to get over the fact that he was just forced to kill a friend. Will this change him forever? Will be become hungry to kill the rest of his pack as Deucalion predicted?

The revelation

Dr. Deaton saw Scott's eyes change to red, and he knows what's going on. In fact, he had an inkling it would happen. Scott is becoming something that only comes around once every hundred years or so: a true alpha. This transformation comes from sheer willpower and inner strength. It comes from goodness rather than evil. Scott doesn't need to kill or create more werewolves to find his power.

Unfortunately, this also means that Deucalion's true target is Scott, not Derek. Derek is only a means to an end, but how does he intend to use him? Will he use Derek to get to Scott? Is his true intention to somehow pull Scott into his pack, then steal his power by killing him?

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