'Teen Wolf' Episode 'Fireflies' Recap: So Much for Saving Their Friends

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"Teen Wolf" Season 3

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The "Teen Wolf" episode "Fireflies" was highly disjointed but still contained many enjoyable elements. Boyd (Sinqua Walls) and Cora (Adelaide Kane) are still on the loose, and now the objective is to stop them from killing innocent people without killing them in the process. Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), Isaac (Daniel Sharman), and Scott (Tyler Posey) won't be able to do that on their own.

How do you catch a werewolf?

When Boyd nearly rips two small children apart, Scott suggests that the team enlist Allison's father, Chris Argent (JR Bourne), to help them track down the vicious full-moon-deprived beasts. Argent is the only man Scott knows who can track a werewolf better than another werewolf.

Argent working peacefully with Scott -- and especially Derek -- was a major highlight in the episode. Derek is responsible for the death of Argent's wife, after all. But Argent clearly wants to put all of that behind him, even more than his own daughter does.

Allison (Crystal Reed) inserts herself anyway, helping the team in the background without their knowledge. When things begin going awry, Allison is there to fix her father's plan without him even knowing about it. She seems to love the job of tracking and corralling werewolves, even if she doesn't necessarily want to kill them.

The team sets the trap

The team is eventually able to follow through with their plan of trapping Boyd and Cora in the boiler room of the school. There's just one problem: Scott hears three heartbeats in the room rather than two.

What Scott doesn't know is that Derek's uncle Peter (Ian Bohen) spoke with Derek in private, trying to convince him that he should either allow Boyd and Cora to freely kill innocent people or to just kill them and get the job over with. He's an alpha, after all, and can always make more werewolves. Of course, Derek is not cold and heartless like his uncle and would definitely prefer not having to kill Cora, his own little sister.

Derek must save a teacher

Unfortunately, Derek has no choice with Ms. Blake (Haley Webb), a poor innocent teacher trapped in a room with two raging werewolves. He asks Scott to lock him in with them; it's time to kill or be killed. For Derek, it initially looks to be the latter as the two wolves fiercely rip at his flesh as he tries to avoid killing them.

When the sun comes up, Scott and Isaac enter to find a bloodied Derek between two bloodier corpses of Boyd and Cora. Derek was forced to kill his own sister without a proper family reunion. At least he got to act chivalrous and save an appreciative teacher who gives him frightened, yet googly, eyes when he holds his hand out for her -- extending from his partially bared and bloodied torso.

Scott finally tells Allison the truth

There is a flashback near the beginning of the episode in which Scott finally tells Allison that her mother had tried to kill him. That was why Derek bit her mother and turned her into a werewolf, causing her to commit suicide in order to adhere to her family's rules. Scott just avoided telling her because he didn't want that to be her final memory of her mother.

The alpha pack is beginning their attack

In other news, three murders initially thought to be the work of Boyd and Cora take place on the other end of town. It looks as if Boyd and Cora were just a distraction from the alpha pack's main goal: gruesomely sacrificing virgins. Unfortunately, Heather -- Stiles's (Dylan O'Brien) best childhood friend and his hope of losing his own virginity -- is one of the victims.

Oh, and the fireflies are glowing. California's fireflies aren't supposed to do that. Is this part of the alpha pack's supernatural plan? At one point, Boyd seemed especially distracted by them. What do they have to do with the werewolves? Hopefully, we'll find out next week.


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