'Teen Wolf' Episode 'Motel California' Recap: Zombie Werewolves

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'Teen Wolf' Episode 'Motel California' Recap: Zombie Werewolves

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Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) Season Three

"Teen Wolf" becomes a horror flick in a run-down motel with the episode "Motel California." The motel is the Glen Capri, and it has a long history of suicide. It may have a few more if Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), Lydia (Holland Roden), and Allison (Crystal Reed) are unable to stop it.

The team's meet (to where they were headed in the previous episode) is delayed, so the coach stops the bus at the Glen Capri motel, which happens to be the same motel where a newly werewolf-bitten Argent had shot himself during a full moon back in 1977.

Meanwhile, Stiles has been compiling a list of three-fold sacrifice suspects: teacher Mr. Harris (Adam Fristoe), veterinarian Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam), Cora (Adelaide Kane), and Lydia.

Werewolves become zombies

Right away, all the werewolves from the bus begin acting like zombies: Boyd (Sinqua Walls) imagines his little sister dead inside the ice machine at the motel; Scott (Tyler Posey) enters Allison's room and grabs her arm while she showers, believing they can be together again; Isaac (Daniel Sharman) believes his father is locking him in the freezer; and Ethan (Charlie Carver) believes people are trying to scratch their way out of his stomach.

All of these hallucinations have dire consequences. Once Stiles, Allison, and Lydia realize that the werewolves are acting strangely, they set out to save them. That's a tough thing to do for mere humans.

The humans save the werewolves

First on the list is twin Ethan. He's got the hots for Danny (Keahu Kahuanui), but something goes horribly wrong when they begin having some fun in bed: Ethan has someone trapped inside of him, and the only way to get him/her out is by sawing himself open! It's all in his mind of course, and the human team gets there just in time to snap him out of it by knocking him against a heater.

Next up is Boyd, who tries to drown himself in the tub with a safe to hold himself down. Stiles and Lydia are unable to lift the safe, but Stiles burns himself on the bathroom heater, realizing that they need something hot to snap Boyd out of his trance the way Ethan snapped out of his. Their solution is to grab emergency road flares from the bus, which are portable and can burn underwater. It works!

Isaac is the only wolf who's easy to fix. He shares a room with Boyd and simply hides out under the bed. Stiles gives him a nice hot road flare surprise. Easy peasy.

Scott is a whole different story. Unfortunately, Stiles can't save him with something hot because he has covered himself in gasoline. In fact, he's holding a lit road flare and is about to drop it! Allison would normally be the savior here, but it's Stiles who talks Scott down from his desire to return to being a "nobody," then steps into the puddle of gasoline to grab the flare and throw it away.

Something is up with Lydia

Lydia is the one who senses something is wrong when the group first steps foot off the bus in front of the motel. She's also the one who hears the screams of the people who killed themselves long ago, and she knows when the werewolves are in danger in those same rooms where she hears the sounds of the past.

Later, when Stiles throws away Scott's flare, it rolls back into the gasoline, causing a fire. Lydia sees the figure of an ugly witch within the flame. Is she being controlled again, the way Peter had controlled her before?

Stiles brings up the fact that Lydia was the cause of this same problem before, when she had tried to poison everyone with wolfsbane at her birthday party. This time, the team finds wolfsbane inserted into the coach's whistle. Who put it there? Was it Lydia?

Ms. Blake helps Derek

Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) saved Ms. Blake (Haley Webb) from Boyd and Cora, and now it's time for her to return the favor. At the end of the previous episode, Derek had gone to her for help before passing out. She pulls all her strength together to practically drag Derek to his home so he can heal in seclusion.

Derek goes through all the reasons why Blake should simply leave him alone to heal, but, of course, it's nearly impossible for the hot young teacher to keep her hands off the overly hot and chiseled wolfman. The hotter and heavier they get, the faster Derek's wounds heal. Will Blake become Derek's rock or a weakness? Will her ability to heal him override his need to keep her from danger?

That guy's still alive?

Chris Argent (JR Bourne), Allison's dad, pays a visit to Gerard (Michael Hogan), his father. It's amazing Gerard is still alive, although he now has a wheelchair and black blood oozing from every orifice to contend with. It turns out that the Argent who killed himself in 1977 was Chris's uncle, Alexander. Chris asks Gerard the name of the werewolf who bit Alexander, and the answer is no surprise: Deucalion (Gideon Emery).

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