'Teen Wolf' Episode Recap: Lydia Is 'The Girl Who Knew Too Much'

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'Teen Wolf' Episode Recap: Lydia Is 'The Girl Who Knew Too Much'

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Lydia (Holland Roden) Season Three

There are a couple of major revelations about two key "Teen Wolf" characters in the episode "The Girl Who Knew Too Much." One of those characters, Lydia (Holland Roden), has been around since the beginning. She finally makes some sense now!

The druids begin a new killing spree

The teens still have not figured out who the druids are, but have a few ideas. The sacrifices are an attempt to stop the alpha pack, led by Deucalion (Gideon Emery), from getting their hands on the once-in-100-years true alpha by the name of Scott (Tyler Posey). Scott suspects his good friend and boss Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) or Deaton's sister Ms. Morrell (Bianca Lawson) may be the druid culprits, but he is in for a big surprise.

The first in the new set of three murders is a cop. As usual, Lydia is led to the scene of the murder by unknown forces. Too bad she always arrives after the murder has already taken place. What good is she without the ability to prevent these horrible acts?

Allison and Isaac connect

Scott sends Isaac (Daniel Sharman) to check on Allison (Crystal Reed), but they wind up having a few moments of sexual tension. Is this about to turn into a love triangle?

They find a hidden symbol on the desk of Allison's father, Chris Argent (JR Bourne), laying out each murder theme. Each group of three murders have consisted (or will consist) of virgins, warriors, healers, philosophers, and guardians. Allison immediately suspects that her father is the killer, since he seems to have it all planned out.

On the wrong track

When a teacher is the next victim, the teens realize that this is a philosopher killing spree, since the cop used to be a teacher. Allison and Isaac find the next victim, based on Argent's map, but Argent is there to save the victim rather than kill him. Too bad they arrive just in time to watch the victim die.

Ethan and Aidan have a heart ... somewhere

Scott speaks with Ethan (Charlie Carver) while Lydia speaks with Aidan (Max Carver) to try to get more information. Although Ethan is the more sensitive of the twin brothers, neither of them had wanted to kill Boyd (Sinqua Walls).

That doesn't stop Cora (Adelaide Kane) from attempting to carry out her revenge on Aidan, but she gets her head bashed in until Ethan reminds Aidan that he will be in big trouble if he kills anyone in Derek's (Tyler Hoechlin) pack before the next full moon. Deucalion gave Derek until then to kill his own pack, which will gain Derek entry into the alpha pack.

New blood

Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) wants his father, Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby), in the fold so he can actually help stop the murders. Stiles forms an unlikely alliance with Cora to help him prove to Stilinski that werewolves exist. After some awkward explaining using chess pieces labeled with the names of his werewolf friends, Stilinski tires of Stiles' antics. Unfortunately, Cora is of no help when she faints and has to be taken to the hospital before showing Stilinski her fangs.

Wolves in sheep's clothing

Lydia decides to stop fighting her abilities in the hopes that she may become useful. The next murder will take place at a recital attended by all the teachers.

Lydia follows her instincts until she finds the druid: Derek's new girlfriend, Ms. Blake! Ms. Blake isn't the "innocent flower" needing to be saved, but neither is Lydia. The difference is that Lydia has no idea what she is until Ms. Blake attempts to kill her for knowing too much.

Lydia's screams, heard by all supernatural beings for miles around, are the screams of a banshee: the Wailing Woman. Ms. Blake refrains from killing her once she realizes the truth, then informs Lydia of her powers. The only question left now is how these two women came to be the way they are.

Scott and Stilinski race to the room to save Lydia, but Ms. Blake is much more powerful than Scott, and impervious to Stilinski's bullets. At least now Stilinski knows his son was telling the truth. Stiles shows up just as Ms. Blake steals Stilinski away. Is she planning to make Stilinski the first of her "guardian" sacrifices?

Will Ms. Blake become a "necessarily evil" ally?

Ms. Blake may not want to actually kill Stilinski, however. Her plan is to stop the alpha pack, using the sacrifices as a "necessary evil." She will need Scott and his team to help her, especially now that Scott knows what Deucalion really wants.

Ms. Morrell details Deucalion's true plans for Scott: He wants Scott to either join him willingly, or turn him into a killer so he can no longer be a true alpha. If he can't have Scott's extraordinary power, then he'd rather destroy it.

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