'Teen Wolf' Episode 'Unleashed' Recap: A Demon Wolf Emerges

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"Teen Wolf" Season 3 is seemingly following in the footsteps of the "Star Trek" movie franchise before J.J. Abrams's reboot: The even-numbered episodes are fantastic; the odd-numbered episodes (including the season premiere) are just so-so. Fortunately, "Unleashed" is in the even-numbered category, delivering an intense hour of action and comic relief that flew by.

The sacrifices continue

Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) had just discovered that the first three ritualistic sacrificial murders that took place in the previous episode involved virgins. At the beginning of this episode, the owner of Bullet, a cuddly little sick dog, disappears right outside the veterinarian clinic. Scott (Tyler Posey) and Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) had just treated Bullet for mistletoe poisoning, which happens to be toxic to werewolves, as well.

Bullet's owner is later found dead. He's a victim of the same three-fold sacrifice-murder from which the virgins suffered. The ritual involves strangulation, the slitting of the throat, and a bashed-in head.

Stiles initially freaks out, believing that his virginity has doomed him to a horrible death. Rather than help his friend, Scott realizes that this is the perfect time to poke fun at him, joking that Bullet's owner couldn't have been a virgin because Dr. Deaton's new policy is for all employees to have sex with their patients.

Their gay friend Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) joins in on the fun, offering to sleep with Stiles as long as they can cuddle. Stiles is humorously offended to find that it's all a joke, initially believing that Danny was just being sweet in his own way. Nope, Stiles is just a sucker, ripe for emotional manipulation.

Isaac wants the twins dead

Isaac (Daniel Sharman) doesn't want to wait and figure out what's going on with the murders. He has convinced himself that the alpha pack -- namely the twins (played by Charlie and Max Carver) who killed the mystery woman who had saved him from them -- are surely responsible. It's unclear whether they are truly responsible, but one thing is for sure: They are up to no good.

Isaac's meddling puts him in the twins' crosshairs. One of them beats up the other, pointing the finger at Isaac for the blame. Isaac winds up in detention with Allison (Crystal Reed), who had been sleeping in class after secretly helping the gang trap Boyd (Sinqua Walls) and Cora (Adelaide Kane) the night before.

Are the twins committing the sacrifices?

The first clue that the twins could possibly be involved with the murders arises when the teacher in charge of detention, Mr. Harris (Adam Fristoe), gives Allison and Isaac a chore in a small confined space. Someone knows their history: Allison had tried to kill Isaac when her mother had temporarily turned her into a werewolf-killing machine, stabbing Isaac multiple times; Isaac is afraid of small spaces. When someone locks them in from the outside, Isaac goes berserk, nearly killing Allison unintentionally, until Scott steps in to rescue them.

Mr. Harris is later strung up by the murderer in the ritualistic way, beginning with strangulation. The teacher claims to have done everything that had been asked of him before his neck is pulled tight against a tree, and he loses consciousness. He also fits the new pattern in the new crop of three sacrifices: a tie to the military. The link between locking Isaac in the closet with Allison and the sacrifices has been made and seems to lead to the twins.

The werewolf version of fun and games

The gotcha game devolves into high school boys' antics when Isaac and Scott decide to get back at the twins by driving one of their motorcycles into the indoor hallway of the school and pinning the blame on one of them. The twins, in turn, do their combo-pack attack by merging into one large beast.

The alpha pack's blind leader, Deucalion (Gideon Emery), stops the twins short of killing Scott and Isaac. Scott and Isaac are confused by the action, but there is something they don't know: Deucalion is planning for their deaths in another way.

Deucalion has big plans for Derek

It turns out that Derek was able to hold off Boyd and Cora long enough to survive their attack and also keep them alive. He's in the process of giving his little sister Cora her first lesson in fighting off other werewolves, when Deucalion and two of his alpha pack members enter, easily flinging Cora out of their way.

The female alpha overpowers Derek, driving a large pole through his torso. Deucalion reveals his plan: Derek must kill one of his own betas if he wants to protect himself and the rest of his pack. Deucalion seems to have Isaac in mind as the victim.

Derek spills an inordinate amount of blood from his mouth as the pole is twisted and agitated against his inner organs. Deucalion claims that if Derek kills one of his betas, the beta's power will be added to his own. Deucalion finally finishes his presentation with a roaring exclamation about having killed his entire pack in order to become the most powerful werewolf of all: a "demon wolf." Uh oh.

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