'Teen Wolf' Episode 'Visionary' Recap: The Stories of Deucalion and Derek

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Monday night's "Teen Wolf" episode "Visionary" was the story-telling episode. Fans learn everything they ever wanted to know about Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Deucalion (Gideon Emery) through a series of flashbacks. Meanwhile, the teens learn about them through a series of lies, as told by Peter (Ian Bohen) and Gerard (Michael Hogan).

Peter tells Derek's story

Peter actually tells the truth for the most part, except when the story concerns him. Stiles ( Dylan O'Brien) and Derek's sister, Cora (Adelaide Kane), listen intently; Cora seeming to believe everything, despite Peter's tendency to often stretch the truth.

Derek fell in love with a girl while he was still in high school. The way Peter tells the story suggests that turning Derek's girlfriend, Paige, into a werewolf in order to keep his secret was all Derek's idea. Peter says he tried to stop Derek from going through with it. Yeah, as if Peter would ever do the right thing, even when it would do him some good.

Flashbacks show that it was Peter who tried to convince Derek to just give Paige one little bite. When Derek refused, Peter called in Ennis for the favor, but it didn't work. Instead of turning, Paige writhed through an extraordinarily painful death in Derek's arms until Derek could no longer bear to hear her cries and finished her off to stop her agony.

When werewolves suffer the loss of something they care about, it turns their eyes from a golden color to bright blue, and that is what happened to Derek. His eyes were blue until he became an alpha, which always turns them to red.

Gerard tells Deucalion's story

Gerard's story, as told to Scott (Tyler Posey) and Allison (Crystal Reed), is a complete fabrication with sprinkles of truth. He claims that Deucalion was always evil, committing many wrongs against the werewolf-hunting Argents, while Gerard and the rest of the Argents remained noble and peaceful.

In flashbacks, we see that Gerard was the one who has always had a dark heart. It was the Argents who killed one of Ennis's (Brian Patrick Wade) teen-wolf pack, and then cut him in half. That was payback for him accidentally killing an Argent. But it was Gerard who took it way over the line.

Ennis, Kali, and Deucalion had met with their respective packs to discuss a way to reach peace with the Argents. Ironically, Deucalion was the most peaceful of the three alphas, suggesting that they forgive the Argents for their payback and try to reach peace.

Gerard stated that the meeting was where the alphas hatched their plan to kill their own packs to form an alpha pack, ambushing Gerard in the process. But it was Gerard who ambushed the werewolves, killing several members of their packs. Deucalion still attempted to talk peace when Gerard poked his eyes out with two large arrows, blinding him.

Once Deucalion was blind, Marco, his most troublesome pack member, tried to kill him in order to become an alpha and take over the pack. Deucalion retaliated, furious after learning that his vision was gone, by killing Marco. So it was Gerard who set Deucalion's rise to power as an alpha pack leader in motion. The only truth Gerard told was that Deucalion can see when he's a wolf, which is how he was able to surprise Marco, who thought he was blind and weak.

The truth

Scott doesn't believe anything Gerard has said and shows his tough side when conveying that point. Gerard only tells the story when Scott agrees to absorb Gerard's pain but warns him that any lies that result in anyone's death will also result in Gerard's demise. That statement finally wipes the smug look off Gerard's face, replacing it with a look of terror.

Similarly, Stiles has a hard time believing Peter's story. Stiles knows Derek better than that by now and also knows that Peter is entirely unreliable. He plans to ask Derek directly about the loss of the love of his life, if that's what it takes. "Sterek" fans will be waiting for that scene with baited breath.

Emissaries and shape-shifters

A couple of interesting tidbits were learned over the course of the episode. One is that the older werewolves had "emissaries" who had relationships with the Druids. That includes Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) and his sister, Ms. Morrell (Bianca Lawson). The emissaries provide guidance and advice, but the Druids have the ability to help a werewolf become human again. Is Dr. Deaton or his guidance-counselor sister responsible for the sacrifices?

The second bit of information gleaned from the stories was that there is a very rare and powerful type of werewolf that can completely shape-shift into a wolf. These wolves pass on advice from the emissaries. One of them is Talia (Alicia Coppola), Derek's mother. She tried to help Deucalion broker peace with the Argents.

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