'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Summer Finale Recap: The Battle Between Evil and Evil-er

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This is it! The "Teen Wolf" Season 3 summer finale episode "Lunar Eclipse" was packed with action and the chance for piles of dead bodies at every turn. So, how many people died? Well, fewer than you might expect, but more than zero.

The death-visions

Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), Scott (Tyler Posey), and Allison (Crystal Reed) have all been submerged in ice water for a little 10-second death bath. The idea is to have some visions and remember where that darned nemeton went. They all have the same dream from different perspectives, remembering a moment when they were right next to the benign-looking tree stump. The only problem is that they all conk out for about 16 hours, leaving less than four hours to find their parents before they die beneath the full moon!

The teens hit some roadblocks

Scott believes he needs Deucalion (Gideon Emery) in order to beat Jennifer, but Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) says that Deucalion can still be the enemy while serving as bait for the haggy old Darach. First things first: Scott's FBI dad is waiting for the teens at Allison's place, with all of her dad's weapons laid out on the map table.

They don't have time for this, so Allison grabs a smoke bomb from the desk and tosses it at the annoying FBI chumps so she can escape with Scott and Isaac (Daniel Sharman). Meanwhile, Stiles is busy crashing his car. Enough time-wasting, guys; your parents are about to die!

Derek has that pesky Kali problem

Kali (Felisha Terrell) wants Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) to pay for killing Ennis, since she didn't believe the memo about how Deucalion killed her love instead of Derek. Ethan (Charlie Carver) shows up to save Derek, now that he's given his alpha to save Cora (Adelaide Kane). He's just a lowly little blue-eyed (which looks fantastic on him, by the way) beta now.

Derek's uncle Peter (Ian Bohen), who always seems to be observing from the sidelines, says that Lydia (Holland Roden) must know how Derek can win a fight against Kali, but Lydia's only advice is that... they are all standing in a graveyard. Hearing that, Derek high-tails it out of there, while Lydia and Ethan stay behind to have a chat with Kali and Aiden (Max Carver).

Before Kali can begin taking out her revenge on the teens, Jennifer Blake "drops" by -- through the glass ceiling. The woman's got some fancy powers now and takes out her rage issues on the woman who gave her the slashed-up old-hag face by sending shards of glass flying into Kali's body with her mind. Now, that's a neat trick!

She also snaps the double-twin's, Ethan/Aiden, neck after they transform into the conjoined-twin monster. Jennifer's job is done here in Derek's loft, now that she's got her revenge. But Lydia and Peter realize that Ethan and Aiden are still alive, once they split apart. They take the twin-teens off to Dr. Deaton for some veterinarian treatment.

Scott grabs Deucalion, but Derek grabs... Jennifer Blake?

It's time for the superstrength "who's the evilest of them all" creature face-off between Deucalion and Jennifer. Deucalion has Scott to back him up, and Jennifer has Derek. Derek turns out to be a minor annoyance for the supremely powerful Deucalion. With all the strength that Jennifer harnessed through the sacrifice of innocent humans, she seems no stronger than Derek, from Deucalion's perspective. He flings them both around like rag-dolls.

Deucalion wants Scott to strike the final blow so that Scott will lose the ability to become a True Alpha. But Scott finds an advantage by using Allison's light bombs to blind Deucalion, since he regains eyesight in wolf-form. The blindness stalls Deucalion's attack long enough for the 15-minute lunar eclipse to begin, and now Jennifer has the advantage.

Just before killing Deucalion, Derek proves his usefulness by reminding Jennifer that Deucalion has not yet seen what Kali did to her face, under Deucalion's orders to kill her. She restores Deucalion his eyesight, but at a cost she was not expecting. Derek had learned through saving Cora that healing can take a lot out of a supernatural creature, and Derek has it out with Jennifer while he can.

Of course, the conniving witch has a back-up plan for moments such as these, and she drops a circle of mountain ash around herself so the wolves can't get to her. Scott just sees the ash as a perfect opportunity to flex his wolf-strength and become a true alpha. He slowly but surely breaks through the barrier, his eyes transforming to a permanent alpha-red.

Scott has had enough of the revenge and supernatural mud-slinging that has nothing to do with him. He just wants his mommy back, and he's willing to kill Jennifer and lose his alpha powers in order to do it. But it's OK, because Deucalion has suddenly "seen" the error of his ways and competes the kill-job for him. So, Deucalion wins!

The battle is over

While Scott was in battle, Isaac, Allison, and eventually Stiles (after recovering from his crash) were off trying to save the 'rents. Unfortunately, all they really managed to do was get caught in Jennifer's death trap with them, until her death stopped the cave-in of the nemeton structure.

Jennifer manages to squeeze out enough strength to make it back to the nemeton so she can survive with an even more slashed up and ugly face, but Peter is there to greet her. She doesn't seem too surprised, expecting that Peter was just waiting for Scott to become an alpha so he could steal it from him and become an alpha again. Peter seems offended, claiming that he was "always" "the" alpha, as he kills Jennifer once and for all.

Things seem to be back to normal for the teens -- at least for now. It is implied that Derek may be leaving for good with Cora in tow, but it's hard to believe that he won't be back for the winter season. Peter is an alpha now, after all. Derek will have to get a handle on his belligerent uncle at some point.

Don't miss the winter premiere of "Teen Wolf" on Monday, 1/6 on MTV! 

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