The Duggars Kind of Enjoy a Traditional Japanese Breakfast During Their Far East Vacation [Video]

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A Traditional Japanese Breakfast

Duggars, we're not in Arkansas anymore. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are not only excited about their expanding brood (they just found out they're expecting a third grandchild from their eldest son, Josh, and his wife, Anna), they're excited about expanding everyone's horizons, too. That's why the whole gang is heading to the Far East for the upcoming TLC reality special "19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Do Asia," where they will travel to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Beijing.

In this sneak peek, the conservative Christian family is dining on a traditional Japanese breakfast while sitting at a kotatsua, a low Japanese dining table. While it definitely pushed the kids' culinary boundaries, they all remained polite. "All the food that they served there was a little off my appetite," Justin says of the meal -- which consisted of rice, miso soup, fermented soybeans, dried seaweed (which Michelle liked), dumplings, and whole broiled fish.

But not everyone felt cautious. Adorable and adventurous Jordyn couldn't get enough shellfish (or anything else on her plate), which freaked out James and Jason, who said, "Jordyn liked those things, and I was like, 'That is sick.'" Guess they can't always be polite.

Jim Bob also encouraged his fam to use their chopsticks, which many found tricky, but he was actually able to eat with them -- which clearly impressed sweet-as-pie Michelle.

One thing the Duggars had definitely never seen was the large whole fish that was presented beautifully at their table. "It was a big fish with an eye, and we didn't like it," said little Mackenzie.

Later in their Asian adventure, the Duggars will visit the Great Wall of China, try to figure out the Chinese subway system, and visit an orphanage.

Part 1 of "19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Do Asia" airs on Tuesday, 3/12 at 9 PM on TLC.

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