Theme Songs for 'Haven'

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The mid season break is coming to a close for most network television, which means the SyFy original series "Haven" will air new episodes… in approximately six months. Well, that's a drag. Nothing can be done about the long wait before the next season, but if you are itching for a taste of "Haven," try listening to the following songs that are practically theme songs for the series.

"It's the End of the World" by R.E.M. - While most of the song doesn't really relate to the problems of Audrey Parker in the town of Haven, the refrain fits almost perfectly. In many episodes the Trouble is so big that it threatens the destruction of the town of Haven, which is essentially the world of the show. And, whenever this happens, Audrey is the one person who is completely immune. In other words, she "feels fine."

"Trouble" by Ray Lamontagne - The title of this song relates to the main plotline of the series. According to the lyrics, "Trouble been doggin' my soul since the day I was born." If that allusion wasn't direct enough, a later line in the same verse says "Saved by a woman." That is the plot of "Haven" in a nutshell. The Troubles dog people their whole lives and only Audrey can save them.

"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by The Beatles - It is hard to decide where to begin with the psychedelic ode to LSD. Keeping in mind that Lucy was the name Audrey went by in her past incarnation in Haven, the song is remarkably on point. According to "Haven" lore, Lucy was the girl with "the sun in her eyes" and she was suddenly gone as the song proclaims. The final non-chorus verse is even more remarkable. It speaks of a train station and a girl with kaleidoscope eyes suddenly appearing. This fits almost precisely with the recurring photo of Lucy in a train station. In this town, where those who remember Lucy consider her an angel, she is very much "in the sky."

"People are Strange" by The Doors - "People are strange when you're a stranger." No seven words could more precisely define this series. In Haven, people are strange, but only when the stranger Audrey comes to town. To top it off, one more line really drives the message home: "No one remembers your name." Despite the fact that many people recognized her when she arrived everybody called her by the wrong name. If this eerie anthem doesn't get you in the mood for more "Haven," nothing will.

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