'So You Think You Can Dance' finale: Who should win?

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The "So You Think You Can Dance" finale is upon us, and America has decided which final four dancers will compete for the coveted title of America's Favorite Dancer. This year's finalists have excelled in different areas, though one in particular may cause a stir if they end up victorious. Which two deserve to win? Read on to find out.


People really seem to like animator Cyrus. After all, he was the only one from his Dragon House crew that stuck it out to the very end. He's also extremely likable, and really seems as if he wants to be there. In fact, no one seems to be trying as hard as he is to master all the dances. The only problem is that even though he is putting his heart and soul into the routines, he still lacks the technical polish to excel in anything but his own style. Sure, we as the audience are left dumbstruck during his solos, but this isn't called "So You Think You Can Animate." Does he deserve to win? Hard to say, since he just so darn agreeable. But if we were to base this on just talent alone, Cyrus does come up short.


Ballet dancer Chean is the opposite of Cyrus; he has the technical skill, but he seems to lack the personality that was needed early on. Luckily (and he can thank all-star Anya for this as well) Chean has peaked at just the right moment, improving with almost every routine that has been thrown his way, along with wowing the crowds with his amazing solos. His eagerness to please may not be as strong as Cyrus', but with those killer moves (and body), he is a force to be reckoned with.


Tiffany can be considered the Neil Haskell of this season. Everyone knew they were good in the beginning, but no one really paid attention until their personality started showing up. Tiffany has benefited from a couple of fun routines, which seem to get the audience going. But in all honesty, though she is incredibly talented, her being in the final four is a bit of a surprise, since it seemed that Witney was poised to ballroom her way to the end. Does she deserve to win? Based on talent, yes, but it would certainly be a shocker if she does.


Cyrus' former partner, Eliana was the stronger of the two, yet she found herself at the bottom early on, but was thankfully saved by the judges. Many might argue what the cause could be, but no one can deny that her contemporary routine with all-star Alex Wong will remain as one of the most memorable of the season. Like Chehon, Eliana has peaked at just the right moment, and was able to truly show off her skills once she was matched with dancers that were up to her level (no offense Cyrus.) Does she deserve to win? Yes, she does, since she has been consistent throughout the entire competition.

Who do you want to see win on "So You Think You Can Dance"?

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