Three Reasons 'The Lying Game' Hasn't Reached Its Full Potential

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When "The Lying Game" first began, it was hard not to be excited by the premise: twins who switch places to search for their birth mother and unlock dark secrets on the way? Sounds awesome! However, at the midpoint of Season 2, it is still not confirmed whether the show will return. This means that fans may not get to see the second half of the series. So, where did it all go wrong? Here are three reasons "The Lying Game" wasn't quite as popular as it could have been.


The best part of mystery shows is the tangled mess they create. The fun of watching is trying to decode the secrets before they play out on screen. Unfortunately, in "The Lying Game," the mysteries were a little limited. The build-up was always good, but it was always obvious what would happen. The revelation that was supposed to be most shocking was the discovery that Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) was the twins' birth mother. By the time it came out, most viewers were several steps ahead! The predictability has been a huge problem throughout the show. More shocks were needed to keep it interesting.


The pace of the show hasn't always been very good. The questions, which could have held suspense, were answered too quickly, and the ones that were easily figured out were dragged out for too long. Things like the truth about Rebecca went on for an eternity, but in Season 1, when Laurel (Allie Gonino) dated Justin (Randy Wayne), his secret came out fast -- and it wasn't as interesting as it was supposed to be. These components are so important in keeping viewers hooked, but they missed the mark almost every time.

Turning the good guy into the bad guy

The one massive twist we were given was the change of Thayer (Christian Alexander) from the "good son" to a potential murderer. In the Season 2 mid-season finale, it was revealed Thayer might have been the one to kill Theresa (Yara Martinez). To be fair, Thayer always had a quick temper, but to imagine him actually plotting to kill someone was quite hard to take. He was sweet, sensible, and caring... but a murderer? Obviously, there is more of that storyline to come, but it was left in more of a confusing than intriguing place.

"The Lying Game" is a good show, but it slightly lacked in some very important places. If it returns, it would be great to see a few more unexpected twists and some less obvious plot points. It still has potential to turn around and be brilliant; the cast is spectacular, after all. It just needs a few tweaks to get the drama back on track.

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