Three Ways 'Deadliest Catch' Has Changed Since Season 1

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"Deadliest Catch" is a reality television show that airs on the Discovery Channel at 9 pm on Tuesday nights. The show follows crab fishermen as they set out on the Bering Sea in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Season 8 of the show will be airing in early 2012, and there have been a lot of changes to the show since the first season.

Here are three ways that "Deadliest Catch" has changed since the beginning of the show, which has been beneficial over the years.

There Are More Fishing Boats

One way that "Deadliest Catch" has changed since the first season is that there are more fishing boats now, which provides more entertainment for the audience. Season 1 of "Deadliest Catch" did not really focus a lot on variety when it came to the crab fishermen or the boats, which kind of made the show boring. Season 1 was more of a test than anything, which means that the show only had a limited number of participating boats, since it was unclear whether or not there would be a large audience watching the program. "Deadliest Catch" was basically the first reality television show that followed everyday people doing their job, but it did not have a lot of boats willing to get on television at that point. Since 8 of "Deadliest Catch" will be very different from the first, because there are at least three boats that have been on the show for years, and there are always a couple of new boats to feature as well.

The Captains Interact Better with the Cameramen

Season 1 of "Deadliest Catch" was also not very good considering that the Captains of the fishing boats held off on talking too much to the cameramen. There is a lot going on aboard a crab fishing boat, and the Captains have to pay most of their attention to what is going on outside, as opposed to just sitting around talking to the camera. There was not a lot of interaction going on between the Captains and the cameramen the first season of the show, primarily because this was something none of the Captains had experienced before. During the first few seasons of "Deadliest Catch" you could tell the Captains were uncomfortable with the cameras around all of the time, and they often snapped at the cameraman filming them, because they are constantly under a lot of stress. One notable Captain that finally came around to the cameras was Phil Harris, the former Captain of the Cornelia Marie. Phil hated the cameras in the beginning; he would lash out at them, and often told them to stop filming him. Eventually he softened up and began talking to the camera more casually, which was nice to see. As the show has progressed over the years, the Captains have just gone about their business, making sure to interact appropriately with the cameramen, and have gotten used to the things to say while the cameras are rolling.

The Crews Have Opened Up to the Audience

During the first few seasons of "Deadliest Catch" there was also not a lot of interaction between the crew members and the cameramen, and that means the audience did not get to see what the crew members were all about. As the show has progressed, the crew members have learned to open up more to the audience, often talking about their past struggles, and talking more about their personal lives outside of crab fishing. The audience has come to learn a lot about the crew members, such as Jake Harris having a substance abuse problem, and Jake Anderson dealing with the loss of his father and sister. The crew members have become more willing to talk about their families back home, how many children they have, and what life is like for them when they are not crab fishing. The fact that the crew members have become more personal with the audience over the years helps the show significantly, because the audience often can relate to the personal struggles of the crew members. The beginning of "Deadliest Catch" seemed more subdued compared to the recent seasons, because the crew members are sharing more with the audience, and have developed a nice relationship with the reality side of the show. When you watch "Deadliest Catch" you not only get to see what crab fishing is all about, you also get to see the personal side to everyone that is aboard the crab boats, which is a far change from the guarded personalities seen in the first season.

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