From Tony Soprano to Cesare Borgia: TV bad guys with a soft spot for Mom

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Is there anything funnier than seeing a self-proclaimed "bad boy" shed his tough veneer when he goes to visit his mama? Even the baddest of the bad guys on TV all seem to have a soft spot when it comes to their mothers. From period dramas to sci-fi, these diverse TV shows all have one thing in common: The bad guys always remain devoted to dear old mum.

"The Borgias"

Cesare Borgia is a cardinal, but he's not above breaking the seventh commandment: "Thou shalt not kill." When Baron Bonadeo insulted Cesare's mother twice, fans knew he would have to die. Cesare killed Bonadeo for that insult (and also so he could sleep with Bonadeo's wife).

The only other killer more frightening that Cesare is Micheletto, who used cunning and balletic strength to kill dozens of people over the show's first few seasons. But despite his reputation as a master assassin, Micheletto reveals his soft spot for his mama in "The Choice." She's clearly the only person on the planet who could get away with pinching the cheeks of this deadly killer.


Despite being canceled halfway through its first season, "Firefly" has become a bona fide hit in the years since it went off the air. One of the main reasons is the charming, back-stabbing character of Jayne Cobb. He beams with delight when he recieves an ugly orange hat in the mail that his mother knit for him, and he plans one day to purchase his own spaceship and name it after his mother. Her name, by the way, is "Radiant Cobb." Not the best name for a spaceship, really.


Louis is the main antagonist on "Suits," and he lives to make Mike's life miserable. He also terrorizes all of the new associates and even faked an employee firing just to light a fire under their butts. But when it comes to his mother, Louis is a sensitive, loving guy. The face Louis shows to his mother is very different from the face he shows at the office. He even Skypes with her at the office!

"The Sopranos"

Pretty much every bad guy on "The Sopranos" is still dedicated to his mother. Even Tony Soprano himself goes to great lengths to take care of his mother, and she's a bitter and manipulative woman. Paulie Walnuts is so respectful toward his mother that he will flip out on any guy who insults anyone's mother, not just his own.
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