Top 10 Celeb Tweets of the Week

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Kris Allen gets a surprise; Miley Cyrus tweets about food again, and Demi Moore prepares to ditch @mrskutcher.

"Well I wasn't expecting anything from tonight but that's not what I expected. Getting stopped by the cops never crossed my mind.." - Kris Allen

"I skip in the playground in stead of go on the swings... I'm just that type of girl." - Khloé Kardashian Odom

"one rumor i wont stand for is saying what me and my fans have isnt real. Indonesia I see you. i love u. I love ALL MY FANS. #fact." - Justin Bieber

"I Love The Lord." - NeNe Leakes

"@TeamMileyNY who owns my churro might be my favorite! this could possibly be the best TT I've ever had! I've never craved a churro so badly!." - Miley Cyrus

"Who knew they had a chapel in the airport! Church service before the flight!." - Kim Kardashian

"@LIGHTAARON "hunnah- it takes more than college to be a genius."_LL." - Lindsay Lohan

"Tweethearts, Our dog, William is in final stages of congestive heart failure. prayers please that his time is free from pain/suffering." - Melissa Gilbert

"It's a wonderful Wednesday!! I truly enjoyed my experience with #DTWS !!." - Gladys Knight

"name in progress technically glitch!." - Demi Moore

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