Top 5 Most Shocking Micheletto Kills on 'The Borgias'

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The handsome assassin Micheletto may just be the most underrated character on "The Borgias." Micheletto steals every scene he's in -- mostly because everyone else in a scene with him ends up dead. Played by actor Sean Harris, Micheletto has an almost balletic grace to his movements, and fans love to watch him at work. Here are five of his most shocking, memorable kills to date.

1. The "cheese cutter" ("Nessuno," Season 1)

One of Micheletto's most graceful, clever kills takes place in the Season 1 finale. Micheletto and Cesare have been taken prisoner by a group of French soldiers. The soldiers, fascinated by Micheletto's unique style of killing, ask for more information about how Micheletto could kill someone with something as mundane as a cheese cutter.

TV fans knew what was coming next: Micheletto had previously showcased the cutting power of his cheese cutter on a watermelon in "The Moor." Micheletto used the long cheese-cutting wire as a garotte to kill the soldiers and escape.

2. Micheletto's past ("The Choice," Season 2)

In "The Choice," fans learned that Micheletto was gay. He took his lover to a graveyard, where they made love. Micheletto asks his lover, Augustino, to come back to Rome with him, but Augustino was engaged to a baker's daughter.

Shockingly, Micheletto almost kills Augustino out of jealousy but lets him go at the last minute. The real shocking death in this episode happens off-screen: Fans learned that Micheletto killed his own father!

3. The boy in the well ("The Borgia Bull," Season 2)

This death shouldn't have been shocking: By Season 2, TV fans knew just how ruthless Micheletto could be. After using a young altar boy to poison Cardinal della Rovere, Micheletto congratulates the young boy and then immediately drowns him in a well. The moment was so shocking it was almost funny, as Micheletto went from "nice mode" to "murder mode" in under a second.

4. Assassin vs. assassin ("The Moor," Season 1)

After Juan enlists the aid of an incompetent assassin to murder Prince Djem, Micheletto has to kill the assassin. What makes this death shocking isn't the murder itself, but Micheletto's reasons for killing. Micheletto kills the other assassin, at least partly, because the assassin caused such a lingering, painful death for Djem. Micheletto may be a killer, but he is a killer who doesn't want his victims to suffer.

5. Death by lampreys ("The Wolf and the Lamb," Season 3)

In "The Wolf and the Lamb," Micheletto uses his infamous killing skills to dispatch King Ferdinand of Naples. Micheletto waited until Ferdinand was alone during a hunting expedition, and then pushed the King into a pond packed with vicious, man-eating lampreys.
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