‘Top Chef’ contestants eliminated without cooking a dish

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"Top Chef" contestants are almost always eliminated because the dish that they prepared simply wasn't up to snuff. But over the course of the series, there have been some notable examples of chefs who were eliminated before they even cooked a single dish or chefs who got the boot for a reason other than their cooking skills. From total failures to fiesty hotheads, these chefs got eliminated from "Top Chef" before they got to cook their next dish.

Tyler Stone, "Top Chef" Season 9 (Texas)

The producers of "Top Chef" wanted to make sure everything was bigger in Texas, including the number of chefs the show featured. Twenty-nine contestants were invited for the first round of televised eliminations, but one especially unqualified chef stood out from the pack. His name was Tyler Stone, and he got booted off the show before he could even cook a single thing.

The reason? As fans will recall, Tyler was helping to break down a whole pig. Unfortunately, he wasn't the master butcher that he thought he was. Not only did he mangle the cut of pork he was supposed to use, but he screwed over a fellow contestant whom he had promised to deliver a perfectly butchered cut of meat to. Tom had no patience for Tyler's skill level and sent him packing immediately.

Seth Caro, "Top Chef: Just Desserts" Season 1

In the very first season of "Top Chef: Just Desserts," contestant Seth Caro made a name for himself because of his intense personality and erratic behavior. Despite being a pretty decent pastry chef, Seth was sent packing from the show after he had a major panic attack and needed to be evacuated from the set of the show. He wasn't allowed to return to the show for medical reasons, meaning he was eliminated without being able to bake anything for the Episode 4 elimination challenge.

Otto Borsich, "Top Chef" Season 2 (Los Angeles)

It's fair to call what Otto did in Season 2 a "self-elimination." The circumstances were pretty complicated. In the season's second episode, Otto was packing his team's groceries into their SUV. He mentioned off-hand that he thought the cashier at the grocery store might have forgotten to ring up a case of lychees. When Tom heard the news, he made Otto go back to the store to return them, cutting into Otto's prep time for the elimination challenge. Under the somewhat unethical circumstances, Otto opted to self-eliminate from the competition.
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