The ‘Top Chef’ Spinoffs Fans Actually Want: Friendships, Feasts, and Fun!

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The "Top Chef" franchise just keeps growing. In addition to the "classic" series, there is a "Top Chef" all about pastry chefs and even a proposed "Top Chef" series starring just teenage chefs.

More recently, "Top Chef" expanded to include "Life After Top Chef," a series that followed four famous contestants after their respective stints on the show. For the most part, the various "Top Chef" spinoffs follow the same formula -- and that formula is a bit stale. "Life After Top Chef" was interesting, but fans of the series are looking for something fresh. Here are some more creative ideas for "Top Chef" spinoffs that would actually get fans excited.

"Fabio and Blais: Traveling Chefs"

Somewhat similar to the "Project Runway" spinoff series "On the Road with Austin and Santino," this proposed series would see fan-favorite all-star chefs Fabio Viviani and Richard Blais go on a cross-country road trip, paying for gas and lodging along the way by cooking at various events. Fabio and Blais have an amazing on-screen chemistry, and a buddy road trip show would really highlight that. Since Fabio and Blais hit it off in the all-star season, no "Top Chef" friendship has been as entertaining.

"Top Chef: Feasting on History"

In this take on the classic "Top Chef" formula, the chefs would be tasked with cooking their way through history. Somewhat inspired by the British series "The Supersizers Go…," the chefs would cook and eat food from different historical periods each week. The judges could include food critics, cultural historians, and actors from period dramas who've had to eat these historical dishes in the past.

"Top Chef: Molecular Gastronomy"

Part of the fun for people watching "Top Chef" at home is watching the chefs cook: The home audience learns about new ingredients and new techniques. But the thing is, after 11 regular seasons, the folks at home aren't impressed by once-unfamiliar things like harissa or sous-vide cooking.

The solution: Launch a season of "Top Chef" where all food is cooked in the molecular-gastronomy style. With plenty of liquid nitrogen, spherical foods, and foams to entertain the fans at home, this would be a truly 21st century "Top Chef" program. Plus, famous celebrity chefs who cook in this style could be guest judges or mentors. It would be great to see Heston Blumenthal, Grant Achatz, and Ferran Adrià get their time in the spotlight. The only downside? The annoying, cocky all-star Marcel would probably show up at some point.

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