Tori Spelling's Big Fat Televised Life! Inside the 'Tori and Dean' Empire

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Tori Spelling has done the impossible. She transitioned her image as a spoiled celebutante into that of likable mom next door. The daughter of Candy and Aaron Spelling was born Hollywood royalty. Her dad's popular TV shows dominated 1980s television. There was never a doubt in any viewer's mind that Tori's "Beverly Hills 90210" role as the virginal Donna Martin was anything more than nepotism at its finest.

When Spelling left her first husband to marry somebody else's husband, the soot was on the wall. This was not a woman to be liked. Clearly at that point the TV gods were not smiling on their princess. That combined with the story that her mother had disinherited her would be enough to make anyone go into hiding.

Instead, Tori dusted herself off and partnered with new hubby Dean McDermott to build brand Tori. What has followed will go down in the annals of TV history. Victoria Spelling, the rich brat who grew up in a home that had a bowling alley and gift wrapping suite, has become a fun, sweet, glam Beverly Hillbilly. She is our generation's Martha Stewart with chickens and animals in her stylish home! She has come a long way from the VH1 series "So NoTorious," which mocked her mother and parodied the impression that fans had of her perfect life.

Tori's empire now includes a reality TV show franchise on the Oxygen Network, bestselling books, web properties, advice, and even products. Before finding her sweet spot, Tori had become known mostly for woman-as-victim made-for-TV movies. Now she is the local girl makes good. Shows with Dean and their ever growing family include: "Tori and Dean: Inn Love," "Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood," "Tori and Dean: sToriBook Weddings."

Tori Spelling, author, is no punchline either. Her books include: "Stori Telling," "Uncharted TerriTori" and "CelebraTori." Her biggest production to date, however, would be her children. Tori and Dean's brood includes son Liam, daughters Stella and Hattie, plus the little one in the oven.

So what is Tori up to next? You can tune into her website to find out her daily challenges with motherhood. Her blog, named "ediTorial," is chocked full of photos, tips, and fun. Just this week she shares her dismay that her baby girl's first word is "Dada" rather than "Mama."

So what's next on Tori TV? There's a new season of "Tori and Dean" being cooked up as we speak. Stay tuned. We'll be watching.

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