‘Touch’ is certain to be canceled: What could it have done differently?

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‘Touch’ is certain to be canceled: What could it have done differently?

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TOUCH: L-R: Saxon Sharbino, Maria Bello, David Mazouz, Kiefer Sutherland, Lukas Haas and Said Taghmaoui. …

"Touch" is only in its second season on Fox, but it's already landed in the "certain to be canceled" slot on TV by the Numbers. The show is generally enjoyable with fantastic acting and a unique idea. It even has major star Kiefer Sutherland in the lead as Martin and some new twists in Season 2 -- an assassin (Said Taghmaoui) is out to kill special people such as Martin's son Jake (David Mazouz). So why are the ratings so horrible?

It's too slow

That's not to say that the show is boring. It just has a slow pace. That may work for some people, but not for everyone. There is plenty of intrigue, but it can get lost if you don't pay careful attention to the story. Speaking of the story, each episode has multiple subplots. Those subplots sometimes tie together at the end, especially in Season 1. If you become distracted by your own thoughts during a slow moment and miss a small piece, the end of the episode may not make sense.

Martin never "gets it"

Martin never seems to fully pick up on his son's clues. You'd think by now, he would be able to predict some of Jake's actions. Instead, he is constantly chasing his son, begging him to come back. He repeats the same phrases constantly -- sometimes multiple times in the same episode: "Jake, get back here!" "Jake, that's dangerous!" "Jake, what are you doing?" "Jake, what are you trying to tell me?"

There's little to no comic relief

The show does not have to be hilarious, but it needs some sort of break from the many sad moments and slow pace. "Touch" can be a real downer at times. It doesn't usually have any "strong" points in which there are heavy emotions of any kind, unless they are negative or sad. It can be a bit depressing without something to bring a smile to your face. The only chance viewers have of cracking a modest smile is the look on innocent Jake's face. But viewers get to see that all the time, so it can wear thin after a while.

The show has been moved around too much

The show has had a confusing history on the air. Season 1 seemed to end in May 2012 with a two-part season finale. Then, the show seemed to return for Season 2 the following September, but it was actually just a "bonus" episode that served as the final episode of Season 1. Then the Season 2 premiere was announced later in 2012, but it was postponed until February 2013. Add to that the fact that the show moved from Thursday to Friday with very little promotion makes it was nearly impossible for even fans to find the show or remember that it exists.

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