TV’s best board game episodes, from ‘The Office’ to ‘Seinfeld’

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For many people, there's nothing more insufferable than the proposition of a "board-game night." But oddly enough, TV shows that feature board games at the center of the action are anything but boring. All of these sitcoms have a classic episode with a board-game plot point that plays an important role.

"The Office," Ouija

In the seventh season episode "Costume Contest," Michael and Darryl are feuding. Michael decides to call out Darryl in front of the entire office by asking the Ouija board some insulting questions. One question: "Is Darryl is a bad friend who stabs people in the back?" Not surprisingly, the Ouija board says "no."

"Seinfeld," Risk and Trivial Pursuit

There were two really great board game episodes over the course of the series. There was, of course, the infamous game of Risk between Kramer and a cheating Newman. But perhaps most amusing was when George faced off against "The Bubble Boy" in a game of Trivial Pursuit. Despite being smarter than George, the Bubble Boy loses when a typo on one card says that "the Moops" conquered Spain.

"Community," Dungeons and Dragons

In the beloved episode "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons," the study group teams up to help a classmate called Fat Neil from becoming suicidal. In an amazingly well-acted sequence, the study group and Neil face off against Pierce, who wants to keep tormenting Neil. The episode unfolds just like a real game of D&D: there are no cutscenes to the gang dressed in fantasy garb.

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," Chardee Macdennis

You've probably never heard of a board game called "Chardee Macdennis." That's because it was invented specifically for the show. In the game, the gang must complete a variety of drinking games, mental feats, physical challenges, and psychological torture in order to win the game. It's arguably one of the funniest episodes of the entire series.

"Parks and Recreation," Settlers of Catan

For Ben's bachelor party, the guys all get together and play the board game Settlers of Catan. The game revolves around trying to build a civilization on a deserted island. Needless to say, everyone except Ben hates the game and thinks it is boring.

"American Dad," Jenga

In the episode "Black Mystery Month," Hayley and Roger face off in a game of Jenga. However, Roger takes a hilariously long time to make his first move, driving Hayley insane. This normally fast-paced game has never been so painfully drawn out.
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