TV characters who coped with a mid-life crisis by buying a new car

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As men get older, they sometimes face a mid-life crisis. One of the most popular ways to cope with that crisis is to purchase a souped-up, super-fast sports car. Here are some great examples of middle-aged TV characters who tried to recapture their youth with a sweet new ride.

Angel Batista, "Dexter"

Dexter's co-worker Angel spends most of Season 6 acting like a teenage punk. He takes to smoking and drinking on the job, and picks up a flashy Pontiac Firebird Trans Am to tool around in. The 1977 Firebird was his dream car as a teenager and is the exact same car seen in "Smokey & the Bandit."

Walter White, "Breaking Bad"

The opening of the fifth season episode "Fifty-One" revolves around Walt's quest to get a cool car. Disgusted with his sensible Pontiac Aztek, Walt sells the car for $50 to his mechanic and goes shopping for some new cars. He picks out a new Chrysler 300 for himself, and gets Walter, Jr. a Dodge Challenger. The purchase of the cars proves that Walter is feeling secure and powerful for the first time since Gus Fring was killed.

Giles, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Giles spends most of the show's run driving around in a very old, very beat-up car. However, the aging mentor picks up a shiny new ride at the start of Season 5. The car that "seduced" Giles was a red BMW M3 convertible. Spike, naturally, has some choice words regarding the subconscious reasons that middle-aged Giles chose such a flashy car.

Nate, "Leverage"

In one episode, Nate tells the team he plans to buy a car with his cut of the money from a recent job. The gang, harping on Nate's age, mock him for buying a mid-life crisis car. They mock him even more when they hear he's going to buy a practical electric automobile. In the end, the joke's on the them: The electric car that Nate picks up is the ultra-sexy Tesla Roadster, a beautifully designed car that goes from 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds and can run for 245 miles on a single charge.

Dr. Rusty Venture, "The Venture Bros."

In the wonderfully offbeat episode "Mid-Life Chrysalis," Dr. Venture begins to feel his age. In a sadly misguided attempt to look young again, he dons a goofy red wig, a dated leisure suit, and starts driving a 1970 Corvette. Oh yeah, and then he turns into a butterfly. The episode is kind of an homage to Franz Kafka, so it makes sense in context.
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