TV characters who cover up real secrets by making up mortifying ones

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When you're trapped in a situation where you can't reveal the truth, the only option left is often the most embarrassing one: Make up a "secret" that's truly mortifying to distract people from the original secret you need to hide. Always hilarious, this common move by TV characters is sure to get the audience laughing. Here are some shows where funny fake secrets are told to cover up real ones.


In one episode, Harvey and Mike are discussing their shared secret: Mike doesn't have a degree from Harvard, or any degree at all. But when their boss Jessica overhears part of their conversation, they have to make up a new "secret" to throw her off the scent. Harvey's bright idea: telling Jessica that Mike is still a virgin. Much to Mike's chagrin, the fake secret spreads quickly around the office.

"Breaking Bad"

In one episode, Hank asks Walt to help him investigate Gustavo Fring. What Hank doesn't know is that Walt is actually working for Fring. To get out of helping Hank, Walt lies and says that he has a case of explosive diarrhea. Hank doesn't want to hear any more about Walt's stomach issues and tables the issue.

"30 Rock"

At one point, Liz and Pete are working secretly together to bring in a new cast member without interference from the rest of the cast and crew. But when people start getting wind that Liz and Pete are up to something, they have to come up with a convincing lie. They decided to tell people they are having an affair…right as Pete's wife shows up, of course. Her reaction is, shall we say, less than pleased.

"The Office"

Over the years, "The Office" has developed a reputation for awkward situations that arise out of secret-keeping. In one episode, Darryl is trying to hide the fact that he bought an e-reader from his co-workers (working at a paper company, there are plenty of people who are vehemently opposed to ebooks). His lie to cover up his activities: He bought an assortment of adult materials.

"Adventure Time"

This animated series is beloved by kids and has actually developed a cult following among 20-something adults, as well. In one episode, Finn gets engaged (accidentally) to the Slime Princess. To help him get out of the engagement, Jake tells the Slime Princess that Finn has a problem with incontinence. Thankfully, Finn didn't have to marry the slimy, glob-like princess after that lie was told.

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