TV Characters Who Are Secret (and Not-So-Secret) Trekkies

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"Star Trek" has been a part of the TV and cinematic landscape almost continually since the 1960s, so its only natural that some of our favorite TV characters would also love this classic sci-fi series. Whether it's a casual mention of some element of plot, or a die-hard fanboy who can list every single original series episode in order, fans love these TV character who love "Star Trek."

Harvey Specter, "Suits"

One of the funniest interactions in the show's first season involves Mike complaining to Harvey about how the mock trial case he has been assigned in unwinnable. Harvey compares the scenario to the Kobayashi Maru, a reference to a "Star Trek" training exercise that was also designed to be unwinnable. Needless to say, Mike thinks it's pretty funny that someone like Harvey is into sci-fi.

The Boys of "The Big Bang Theory"

All the men on the show are sci-fi fans, but Sheldon is arguably the biggest fan of "Star Trek." He freaks out when Penny gets him a napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy for Christmas, and a recent episode featured a voiceover appearance by Nimoy himself, playing the voice of Sheldon's prized Spock action figure. Sheldon even patterns his life on Spock, because he identifies with the character's obsession with logic and lack of emotion.

Ben Wyatt, "Parks and Recreation"

Ben may not have been a big fan of Peter Jackson's take on "Lord of the Rings," but it's pretty clear he was intrigued by the recent J. J. Abrams "Star Trek" film. Still, we all know that Ben's favorite fictional hero is Batman.

Stewie Griffin, "Family Guy"

Peter clearly digs "Star Trek," since he dragged the whole family out to a sci-fi convention. But Stewie is clearly the superfan in the family; he actually kidnaps the entire cast of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" in a transporter he made himself. By the time they all go bowling together, however, Stewie has clearly decided that he regrets his decision.

Fry and Melllvar, "Futurama"

There's a whole episode devoted to Fry's obsession with "Star Trek," which features voiceovers from nearly the entire original cast. The cast gets abducted by an alien called Melllvar, who makes them act out his fan fiction. Fry does best Melllvar in a "Star Trek" quiz session, however.

Shawn and Gus, "Psych"

Given the fact that William Shatner has been a recurring guest star, it only makes sense that Shawn and Gus would have some passing affection for "Star Trek." But the Trekkie references actually date back to the show's early days, where the show gets mentioned in episodes like "Shawn vs. the Red Phantom," "American Duos," and "Rob-a-Bye Baby."

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