TV Dinners: Television's Worst Kitchen Catastrophes

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Long before the Food Network was around, some of our favorite television sitcoms featured their own foodies -- and their kitchen mishaps. Here's a look back at some of TV's worst (or at least funniest!) kitchen catastrophes.

"Job Switching" - ("I Love Lucy," 1953)

In the classic "I Love Lucy" episode, "Job Switching," Lucy and Ethel switched jobs with their hapless hubbies, going out into the work force while the guys kept house. But while this episode's most famous scene was Lucy's candy a factory conveyer belt slapstick, who can forget that the fellas were back at the apartment wreaking havoc in the kitchen? Ricky's attempt at making arroz con pollo had chickens flying and rice boiling all over the floor. To make amends for the trashed kitchen, the guys treated their wives to two giant boxes of chocolate-- the last thing they wanted after a hard day at the candy factory.

"Paula Deen Bakes a Cake"- ("The Oprah Winfrey Show," 2007)

Nothing like taping in front of a live audience. Food Network star Paula Deen was whipping up one of her insanely high-fat desserts (a sour cream pound cake!) during a taping of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" when the mixer went a bit wonky. Batter started to splatter all over the Harpo stage and Oprah and Deen were in hysterics. As for the three sticks of butter and three cups of sugar in the recipe, Deen gave her critics some food for thought: "I'm your cook, not your doctor!" she said.

"The Grass Is Always Greener"- ("The Brady Bunch," 1970 )

Poor Mike Brady. It's hard to give six kids a daily dose of mundane lectures, master a mean golf swing and still have time to bring home the bacon-- let along make it! But when he decides to help his daughter Marcia earn her Girl Scout cooking badge, all heck breaks loose. The menu includes French fried potatoes, breaded veal cutlets, string beans and cake with chocolate frosting. But after a mixer mishap that rivals Paula Deen's, a few slip ups, and a cupboard full of broken dishes, the whole episode leaves Mike with egg on his face-- or at least all over the floor.

"The One Where Ross Got High" - ("Friends," 1999)

Rachel and Monica are hosting a Thanksgiving day feast, and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) is making an English trifle for dessert. But when two pages of her cookbook get stuck together, she inadvertently whips up a combination trifle and shepherd's pie. The gang doesn't want to hurt her feelings so they choke it down (Ross thinks it tastes like feet!) But in the end Rachel realizes that maybe she shouldn't have added the sauteed onions and beef to the layers of ladyfingers, custard and jam.

Julia Child Makes a Potato Pancake --"The French Chef" (1960s)

And finally, this mini mishap turned into an urban legend. The legendary Julia Child, who entertained us for decades with variations of her cooking show, "The French Chef," had a minor kitchen snafu when she flipped a potato pancake into the air and it missed the pan on the way down, splattering on her stove top instead. Child famously gave her viewers a tip as she quickly pieced together the fallen pancake and put it back in to the pan: "If you're alone in the kitchen, who is going to see?" But over the years, this incident turned into a story about Child dropping an entire turkey , chicken, duck or leg of lamb on to the floor, then putting it back on a platter and saying, "If you're alone in the kitchen, who is going to see?" According to Snopes, the second version of the story is false and her producer Geoffrey Drummond confirmed, "I never saw Julia drop a chicken."

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