TV Power Rankings: The Best Lucrezia Borgias in TV History

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For many TV fans, Holliday Grainger's portrayal of Lucrezia Borgia on Showtimes's "The Borgias" is the ultimate TV portrayal of this wicked historical figure. Seamlessly blending vitriol and vulnerability, Grainger made this historical bad girl into a character with real depth and power.

While Grainger may be at the top of the heap, the fact remains that there are many other actresses who have put their own unique spin on Lucrezia Borgia over the years. Here are some performances worth watching.

Isolda Dychauk, "Borgia"

Often considered a pale imitation of Showtime's take on the Borgia clan, the Canal+ production "Borgia" has one thing going for it: Isolda Dychauk as Lucrezia. While she spends most of Season 1 dazed and confused, she gains a little more power in Season 2.

Kate Levering, "Witchblade"

What's more dangerous than Lucrezia Borgia with her collection of poisons? Why, Lucrezia with a supernatural weapon, of course! "Witchblade" told the tale of various women throughout history who wielded a mystical gauntlet with untold energy. In the series finale, Kate Levering plays Lucrezia Borgia. Lucrezia steals the Witchblade from its current user in a dream.

Edita Gruberová, "Lucrezia Borgia"

Back in 2009, the opera "Lucrezia Borgia" was filmed for TV audiences with Slovkian soprano Edita Gruberová playing the title role. This Lucrezia is a bit older and more powerful than other depictions of Lucrezia in TV history. This Lucrezia terrorizes multiple families, but also uses her poisoning powers for good. However, this tragic opera ends with Lucrezia accidentally poisoning her own son.

Sherry Miller, "Warehouse 13"

In the pilot episode of "Warehouse 13," Sherry Miller played a woman named Lorna Soliday. Ms. Soliday became possessed by Lucrezia Borgia's spirit, thanks to a haunted hair comb that once belonged to Lucrezia. While Soliday might not have been Lucrezia in the flesh, she definitely embraced the dark side of this Borgia bride.

Anne Louise Lambert, "The Borgias"

Before Showtime created their series, "The Borgias," the BBC produced a series with the same name. Produced back in the early 1980s, this version of the Borgia tale is universally panned. The one somewhat bright spot was Anne Louise Lambert, who played Lucrezia. Sadly, this Lucrezia lacked the verve of later portrayals. This take on Lucrezia pales in comparison to Holliday Grainger's work, to be sure.

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