TV year in review: 2012's most notable young actors

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In 2012, young stars have started to step into the spotlight, to show that they are just as talented as their older co-stars. While most of them got their first taste of fame some time ago, this year, they've really begun to prove they've got what it takes to form a long-lasting career. Here are some of 2012's most talented young actors, and the shows that brought them to our attention.

Evan Peters

Age: 25

Character: Kit Walker on "American Horror Story: Asylum"

Alongside the ever-impressive Jessica Lange, Evan Peters was one of the best loved stars of "American Horror Story" during Season 1. Much to the delight of the fans, he returned for Season 2 as a falsely accused murderer locked up in Briarcliff, under the control of Sister Jude (Lange). One thing Peters does brilliantly is play characters who are misunderstood. His wide eyes are so entrancing, and it's impossible not to be drawn into his story every time he is on screen. This young man has a super future ahead of him, and it will be exciting to see what he does next!

Christian Alexander

Age: 22

Character: Thayer Rybak on "The Lying Game"

Christian Alexander was no stranger to television when he signed up to star in "The Lying Game." The Athens-born actor had already begun to make a name for himself as Kiefer Bauer in "General Hospital," but it was on the hit teen TV series that he really made his mark on the acting world. The brooding, intelligent, loyal Thayer Rybak became an instant hit with fans, and Alexander more than proved he can do more than play the bully.

Adam Pally

Age: 30

Character: Max Blum on "Happy Endings"

Although "Happy Endings" got off to a bit of a shaky start, with many considering it a watered down version of "Friends," the show quickly picked up pace and became well-loved by its loyal fan base. Each cast member brings something unique to the show, but it is Adam Pally who really shines. He is comedy gold, especially when he plays off the wonderful Casey Wilson. Many underestimate the skill it takes to do comedy well, and it's mainly due to people like Pally, who make it look so effortless.

Tyler Blackburn

Age: 26

Character: Caleb Rivers on "Pretty Little Liars"

When Tyler Blackburn first appeared on "Pretty Little Liars," he was listed as a guest star. However, he became so popular, he was eventually promoted to series regular, and with good reason. Caleb was quite the mystery when arrived in Rosewood, and it took a long time for his true personality to become clear. Blackburn played the slightly sketchy guy so well, he kept us guessing the whole time. He is particularly strong in scenes with his on-screen girlfriend, Ashley Benson, and it doesn't hurt that he is very easy on the eyes!

Angus T. Jones

Age: 19

Character: Jake Harper on "Two and a Half Men"

In spite of his recent rant against the show that launched him into super stardom, Jones has been a fantastic member of the cast. Although his appearances in this year's season of "Two and a Half Men" have often been brief, they're always memorable. One of his finest moments was playing alongside Miley Cyrus. It gave him the chance to prove that, even after so many years, he's still an integral part of the team, and that his talent hasn't fizzled out as he made the transition from child star to adult comedy actor.

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