TV Shows With the Best Prank Dynamics: 'Suits,' 'The Office,' and More

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There's nothing quite as satisfying as watching a good prank go down. The quickest way to an audience's heart is through their funny bone, which explains why so many popular shows center around pranks. From legal dramas to workplace sitcoms, these hilarious shows have the best dynamics between pranker and prankee.


You wouldn't think that a legal drama would have a lot of inherent humor, but USA's addictive "Suits" is equal parts drama and comedy. One of the most enjoyable aspects of "Suits" is the obsession with interoffice pranking. The Season 3 premiere featured a great prank where Donna tricked Louis into doing an imitation of Adolf Hitler. In Season 2, a prank war between Louis and Katrina Bennett ran for an entire episode. The prank war ended in an uneasy truce after Louis ends up in jail.

"The Office"

With every passing season, Jim's prank assaults on Dwight just got funnier. From mild pranks, like sticking Dwight's stapler in Jell-O, to more involved pranks, like convincing Dwight he was on a radio talk show, this classic comedy elevated pranking to an art form.


Ashton Kutcher's long-running celebrity prankfest was one of the best shows MTV ever produced. Over the years, some celebs got pranked twice. In the case of actress Neve Campbell, Kutcher tried to punk her on three separate occasions. What made the dynamic between Campbell and Kutcher so interesting was the fact that Kutcher failed to punk her the first two times. The third time proved to be the charm, and Kutcher finally got the prank victory he'd been striving for!


The Janitor loved to play pranks on the staff at Sacred Heart. While his main victim was usually J.D., other characters like Carla and Turk were also victims. Some of the best pranks the Janitor pulled on J.D. included changing J.D.'s locker combination, giving him a laxative-laced pie, and getting everyone to refer to J.D. as "The Co-Chief Resident."

"Drake and Josh"

This popular kid's show gained a huge following. One of the funniest recurring gags was Megan's love of practical jokes, with the girl pranking Drake and Josh in nearly every episode. Some of her best pranks on her brothers included spiking their sodas with hot sauce, blasting them with slime or water pistols, and rigging an exploding cake. One time, she even blasted the floor out from beneath the feet of her brothers!


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