TV Shows That Inspired Real Food, Drink: ‘Top Chef,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ and More

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Ever since the invention of the "TV Dinner" in the 1950s, food and television have been inextricably linked. Even if people don't necessarily eat dinner in front of the TV, most Americans do at least have a snack while relaxing in the glow of their TV set each night.

Considering the link between food and TV, it's not surprising that a number of TV shows have inspired various food and beverage products. Some of the food tie-ins are logical, while others are a bit unconventional. Here are some prime examples of popular TV shows that inspired beverages and food.

"Top Chef"

It's pretty logical that a cooking competition would span some food of its own. After several successful seasons, "Top Chef" partnered with Schwan's Home Service to make a high-end frozen meal that viewers could have delivered to their homes. Costing $10 to $12, the meals included polenta with meatballs and red curry chicken.

Grocery stores now carry Healthy Choice entrees that are branded with the "Top Chef" logo, as well. These entrees include crustless chicken pot pie and roasted chicken marsala with mushrooms. The Season 10 episode "Past Suppers" had chefs compete to see who could come up with the best idea for a Healthy Choice frozen entree.

"Game of Thrones"

HBO recently partnered with New York-based Brewery Ommegang to release a line of beers inspired by "Game of Thrones." The first beer in the series, Iron Throne Blonde Ale, is available now. The beer comes in 750 ml bottles and has a suggested retail price of around $9.

"Breaking Bad"

While nobody has launched a real-life Los Pollos Hermanos chain, the citizens of Albuquerque have used the popularity of the show to sell food items inspired by the show. A local pastry shop, the Rebel Donut, sells "Blue Sky" donuts, topped with blue rock candy that mimics the drug at the heart of the series. Likewise, Albuquerque's Candy Lady store sells blue rock candy, which was actually used as prop meth on the show for its first two seasons.

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

Inspired by the show's over-the-top Dayman character from Charlie's ill-conceived musical, Dayman Coffee IPA is the result of a three-way partnership between Stone Brewing Co., Two Brothers Brewing Co., and Chicago-based Aleman. Coffee is a pretty decent flavor choice: Considering the beer was inspired by Charlie, fans should be happy the beer isn't flavored like Charlie's favorite food, "milk steak with jelly beans."
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