TV shows where emotionally vulnerable characters make romantic mistakes

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Tragedy and trauma can leave our favorite TV characters feeling emotionally vulnerable. In that altered state, it becomes all too easy for a person to make disastrous relationship mistakes. From sleeping with a co-worker to cheating on a spouse, these beloved TV characters all tried to find solace in the arms of someone who was very wrong for them.

Debra Morgan, "Dexter"

Dexter's sister Deb has a long history of dating unsuitable men. From serial killers to federal agents twice her age to married mechanics, Deb pretty much only dates the men who are bad for her. So maybe it should come as no surprise that Season 5 opens with Deb sleeping with her partner Joey Quinn. Both Quinn and Deb had just gone through traumatic relationship issues: Deb had seen Lundy get shot several weeks prior, and Quinn's girlfriend had killed herself only a few days before he hooked up with Deb. They're completely wrong for each other, of course, and they break up by Season 6. However, Quinn has lingering feelings for her.

Nate Fisher, "Six Feet Under"

Early in the series, Nate learns he has a malformation in his brain that could cause a fatal stroke or seizure at any time. He doesn't cope well with the news. He ends up cheating on Brenda with Lisa Kimmel and has a seizure while visiting Lisa.

Later in the series, after Brenda gets pregnant for the second time (the first baby being lost due to miscarriage), Nate and Brenda argue about whether to have an amniocentesis. Nate seeks solace in a relationship with his stepsister Maggie (and in her Quaker meetings). In his vulnerable state, he sleeps with Maggie and immediately afterward falls into a coma. He dies shortly thereafter.

Colonel Tigh, "Battlestar Galactica"

Several weeks after the Cylons destroy nearly all of humanity, Colonel Tigh reunites with his estranged wife, Ellen. It's understandable that the two of them would fall back into each other's arms after such a calamitous series of events. However, Saul and Ellen's relationship quickly returns to its formerly toxic state. Ellen encourages Saul to drink too much, and she constantly manipulates him into doing things that will damage the fleet.

Roger and Joan, "Mad Men"

By the time Season 4 rolls around, Roger and Joan's affair is a thing of the distant past. Both of them are married now, and Joan is trying to make her marriage to Greg work. However, as the two are walking together in the street one night, they are mugged. Neither of them are hurt, but they cope with trauma of the event by immediately having sex in an alleyway. This event turns out to be the moment of conception for Joan's son, Kevin.
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