Two 'General Hospital' Actresses Star in 'Dirty Soap'

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It seems that two "General Hospital" actresses are trying their hands at reality television. Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) and Kelly Monaco (Sam McCall) are now starring on the E reality series "Dirty Soap." It premiered last week and it seems that fans have mixed emotions about it. The show chronicles the lives of seven soap stars. Monaco and Storms are the only actresses from "General Hospital." Fans of the women are left wondering what will happen if they decide to leave Port Charles.

Kelly Monaco

Right now, it looks as though she will be sticking around Port Charles for a while. Her character just married the love of her life (Jason Morgan), and she is involved in the fall sweeps storyline. Franco (James Franco) is back in town and has a wedding gift for Jason and Sam. Their honeymoon in Hawaii will be disturbed, but it isn't sure how or why at this point. Fans know that when Franco is involved, something crazy will happen for sure.

Kirsten Storms

The last week on the show, Storms' character was played by a step in actress. It was a little odd for fans to see someone else in the role of Maxie Jones. There are no plans for her to leave the show, but her absence makes fans uneasy. Her growing romance with Spinelli should keep her around for a while, even though Maxie/Matt fans are unhappy about the potential pairing of Maxie/Spinelli again.

From what "Dirty Soap" offered as a glimpse into the lives of these actresses, it seems they are fairly content on the show. Both have shown their personal sides, with Monaco even discussing her former relationship that recently went belly-up. In the previews you can see her and Storms burning some old clothing items. Looks like she could really have used a friend, and Storms stepped up to the plate. We are also discovering that Storms is more like Maxie Jones than fans knew. There is bad blood on the show between Storms and former "One Life to Live" actress Farah Fath, which will play out over the course of the season. Daytime drama has moved to real life drama, and it has only just begun. It will be interesting to see what the season of "Dirty Soap" holds for both Monaco and Storms, and whether or not Storms can rebuild the friendship she once had with Farah Fath.

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